Has EA Bogeyed Tiger Woods 07's Xbox Live Networking?

Gamers across various Internet forums are reporting major problems with the Xbox 360 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07-specifically, its online functionality.

Most seem to be reporting problems when trying to get into the lobby or entering ranked and unranked games. In some cases, the screen starts flashing and users are forced to reset their Xbox 360s.

If you experienced these problems…well, you are not the only one.

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THWIP4436d ago

...EVERY game they make sucks on LIVE...PERIOD. That's what happens when the developers keep control over their own online networking, rather than let MS handle it. EA was too greedy to let that happen, and gamers suffer because of it.

Liverpool4ever4436d ago

I think Fifa World Cup was pretty good online..! But it depends on your internet connection offcourse...

ASSASSYN 36o4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

You stated exactly what I was going to type THWIP!

Capt CHAOS4436d ago

I want to be able to play a game and mark the server as favourite... i.e Counterstrike, 4 years ago.. What dope at MS smoking? Ho whard is it? This applies to all servers...

Krimson4436d ago

Honestly... Could there be an easier game to implement online!?!?!? How the hell do you screw this up EA?

Yo Wassap4436d ago

Hey it's EA they can ruin anything...

Bluesxman234436d ago

I just wish MGS would bring back Links to the 360...the original XBox version held up very well for a long long time with a great online system.

beans4436d ago

I wonder what it would be like if EA came out with a console? Would they dominate the market or would they just buy it?

Yo Wassap4436d ago

The day EA makes a console will be the end of gaming.

Islandkiwi4436d ago

The type for Tiger Woods is sooo tiny! I have an hdtv and I'm having to move closer. Anyone else noticing this?

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The story is too old to be commented.