6 Video Game Franchises That Need Open World Games

WC - The medium of film is all very well for showing an audience exactly what the auteur wants, but through gaming many other facets of a story are able to directly explore through your own eyes, with choices that affect a universe that you would otherwise have no impact on. Reading a book or watching a movie is a great pastime but for the deepest immersive experience you have to actually see and do things for yourself.

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NukaCola1962d ago

One of the suggestions is actually "Most Anime"...This site just sucks. Multiple pages of nonsense. Non of these are game franchises anyway.

SegaGamer1961d ago

My top 3 would be Star Wars, The Simpsons and Dragon Ball Z

Star Wars because the stories they can make are endless.

The Simpsons because of how great Hit and Run was, a real open world sequel to that game would be great.

Dragon Ball Z because ever since i played Budokai 3 flying around Earth and Namek i have always thought an open world DBZ game would work really well.

WeAreLegion1961d ago

If this site hasn't been rated to hell yet, there's only one explanation. People from the site are giving it positive votes on here. It's just horrible.

Hicken1961d ago

I can't imagine why. It's one of the worst sites I've seen. And I've seen some crap sites submitted here.

But yeah, this article- like all their others- is the pinnacle of garbage.