PS3 Exclusive Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Gets European Box Art, Screenshots, Trailer

Fans of the Saint Seiya manga and anime series have something to look forward to, as the upcoming fighting game Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is going to be released in Europe this November exclusively on PS3. Today Namco Bandai released a batch of screenies and a trailer.

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paradigmfellow1992d ago

Will the saints be able to transform into their god cloths?

abzdine1992d ago

Another PS3 exclusive? DAMNNNN!

nick3091992d ago

Namco makes saint seiya & one piece exclusive to ps3 , no idea why.

abzdine1992d ago

because of japanese market probably, they dont give a damn about xbox there. but i think it'd be cool to release these games on vita as well. i dont think they use Cell processor 100% so i guess they'd fit on vita