Killzone OWL skinnable, 4th of July Concept Skin shared

Guerrilla Games has shared a concept image of a Stars & Stripes themed OWL drone, noting that the combat drone will be skinnable in their upcoming shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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DoomeDx1986d ago

Before people start commenting: ''Wtf is just a screenshot, this confirms nothing!''

The site says that its skinnable. I dont know why the submitter used this URL instead of the official source.

andibandit1986d ago

It's nice, altho i think "freaking sweet" is overdoing it.

DoomeDx1987d ago

There is weapon customization aswell according to their site

r211986d ago

Holy damn, now that is a next gen Helghast Assault Rifle!

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RedHawkX1986d ago

im gonna make an iron patriot skin and an iron man skin.

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