PSW: Home Preview - 'Knocking on heaven's door?'

PSW UK via GameRadar writes: "Details from the Japanese Home beta test revealed just as many new questions as it did answers. The application, which is designed as a virtual world to customize and meet mates in, will be released for free, hopefully this summer. The 500MB code will enable you to setup and develop an online world inside a thriving gaming community.

Already games such as Devil May Cry 4 have been released with hundreds of embedded 'achievements' which on Home's release will be converted into trophies, furniture and clothing for your own specific part of Home and avatar. The beta has revealed the flexibility of the software, enabling the 1,500 players who have tested it behind closed doors at Sony to connect with large groups of friends, tour the Home Square environment, moving from disc-based games to watching trailers to playing Home's free arcade games (which include takes on Chopper Lift, Q-Bert and Super Sprint) all without any trouble. The idea is that eventually, you'll be able to include similar content in your Home apartment, and invited friends and clan members will be able to sift your media (photos, videos, replays, scores, etc) together while you wait for the party to gather."

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JoelR3912d ago

er 15,000 not 1,500 ^_-

kevoncox3912d ago

I actually like home and the home idea. I don't think any of my friends will use it but plenty of my online friends might. M only issue with it is we don't know what is finalized and a lot of the article is what we can be able to do....

Also, will home be finilized by the time the next xbox is ready. i expec it in 3-4 years and i don' think that is enough time to foster a community. These things take time to develop. Xbox live only really became realized 5 years after the initial launch. However, sony's user base is much higher.

eagle213912d ago

That's a must. Can someone say House Party?! lol

Stinkinmushroom3912d ago

they are telling many bullshit at the end.. we won't be able to sell our stuff

Kirstenlottesovs3912d ago

Sony have given a statement (i don't remember when or where) that the users will be able to use the developers kit, and create+sell items.
But i don't think were going to be able to sell them for real money, but rather gain a small amount of in-home currency.
Say if a chair gets created by a user, and sold for 250 home creds, the user might get 50 of those, to gain a sort of balance in Home's economy.

JoelR3911d ago

Item creation will be available with a limited toolset (what tools to be determined at a later date. Not a development kit.
All content that this created will have to be vetted before being offered on line in the home service. Moderator by Sony and User nominated monitors.
It will use real money and the PSN accounts for purchases.

They really have not told developers much more than that. (and it is data mineable from the PS website if you want to dig through 50,000+ crap posts for the 7 or 8 real information posts)

undacovabrothe3912d ago

I heard about being able to give away your items that you bought I think but Idk about selling things like user created content and things... That be too lose of a system that sony would have to keep monitored at all times. Also I didnt know japs had there beta how they get it? Is it an open beta because if it is ima hop on the jap store right now and go get it rofl...

v1c1ous3912d ago

"but but but i don't want to spend 0.3 more seconds typing the extra letters"

yeah....i know you don't think it's bad but...just giving you a warning before you accidentally type it somewhere else without knowing.

gonzopia3912d ago

What I want to know is... will the Home public environment be the same for everyone? In other words, are you connecting to a single server or one that is segmented? How will that work when trying to meet friends? Will 5,000 people in a single space not make it crowded?

mindedone3912d ago

never thought of that. id type more but my gf is sleeping on my arm +bubble

shine13963912d ago

@mindedone..hmm...a simple dose of life my man...bubbles are a coming your way...

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