Blu-ray Prices Continue to Climb

Pricewatch - Sony, Sharp and Panasonic Blu-ray players continue to climb an upward price slope as demand has increased and competition decreased in the high definition video market, TG Daily found. Samsung's BD-P1400 and LG's combo player, however, have settled down and are moving back into more favorable price territory.

For the majority of players, though, prices are higher than they have been all year and it seems as though there is really no way to stop the prices from spiraling out of control. How far will they continue to rise and set themselves out of the mainstream target market?

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decapitator3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Well this was expected. I think what Sony and the BD group are doing is increasing the price on certain BD players to recoup some of the loses and then later on when they drop the price, they would be not be heavily affected.

v1c1ous3884d ago

or this could be a textbook example of why competition is good for the consumer?

Honolulu3884d ago

it's not like this comes from out of the blue exactly.

There's still the same competition as it always has been between companies. It's just that the new standard has been decided... If blu-ray would've been decided to be standard earlier on, the prices would be even higher though.

diatom3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

And increased prices (of all consumer goods, not just BR players) have nothing to do with the piss poor performance of the dollar and massive oil prices?

Anything to support a agenda...

Sarick3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Have you guys notice the recent inflation in the economy. The cost of gasoline is nearing $4 a gallon in the USA. Everything is becoming more expensive. It's hard to deny that the increasing cost for product shipping won't be passed on to the customers somewhere or another.

Sure the competition keeps prices low but when you have rapid increases in the standard of living everything is more expensive.

Not saying these jumps are solely to blame on economic issues but consider that new products are given higher price tags to offset rising inflation.

The price of fuel effects everyone and everything we a customers buy. Perhaps the rising cost of these players a necessary step in balancing the manufacture and shipment cost increases.

Also note that the articles about blu-ray lasers. The suit calls for a hault on all non-us blu-ray laser shipments outside the us. This hasn't happened but if it did prices would become astronomical.

Many things could attribute to the price increases.

MorganX3884d ago

This will not be much of an issue once Sony releases firmware supporting Dolby Master Audio or bitstream passthrough (probably not possible on current machiens). They can raise the price as much as they want, there will be no reason to buy a dedicated player for more than $399.

Kr1553883d ago

There one major issue this article doesn't seem to address. MSRP. is a site you use to find a product at the cheapest available price. Thats not the manufacturers suggested price. In fact the manufacturers suggested price has not changed. With the new models comming that were actually announced after HDDVD's demise MSRP is goig down from $400 to $300. I'll tell you whats going on. Demand has gone up. Noone wants 2 formats and now that there is one more people are buying. if you think Joe Average will ever feel more confident to replace one DVD player with a high def player that plays only some movies rather than one that plays all movies then your wrong. With demand rising web retailers don't need to discount as much to sell a player. If they don't need to discount as much then they won't discount as much because they want to make money. This has absolutly nothing to do with the manufactures and is purely FUD writen by a viral marketer or someone with an axe to grind. Competiton is still there. Sony has to compete with samsung who has to compete with panasonic, and they all have to compete with PS3 which is not going anywhere in price.

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invoked3884d ago

and shut up. Price on ps3's won't inflate, if anything it'll drop with time.

EZCheez3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

They have the Sharp Aquos blu-ray players for $299.

Disagree if you want- It's not like you f'in shop where I do.

RecSpec3884d ago

That was pretty funny.

eagle213884d ago

1.)The BDA has only made money off of Blu-ray since day 1.

2.) Warner Brothers was not paid-off.

3.) Hd-??? is officially dead. Rest in peace.

4.) wageslave is officially a _________ (fill in the blank) :)

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