Driveclub Gameplay Video - The Average Gamer

Nick from The Average Gamer races around the Kinlock track in Scotland in the pre-alpha build of Driveclub at E3 2013

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

still no direct feed gameplay of this.

Like the sense of speed though. Just need some direct feed to do it justice.

sigfredod1843d ago

And still will not be show until they have a more advance build of the game more representative of the final product

minimur121843d ago

is the cameraman bashing one off? he cant keep it bloody still!!!

BlindMango1843d ago

Plus the camera guy spends what seemed like 1 or 2 full minutes looking at the controller and the guy playing rather than the game, haha so annoying!

inveni01842d ago

Yeah, that camera guy seemed to think we haven't had enough time to stare at a controller with hands on it...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1843d ago


I know the game is only 35% done they said.

Hellsvacancy1842d ago

I really hope it has custom music

Gamingcapacity1842d ago

When he hit the sign that was insane. It collided and spun out like you would expect a car to.

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windblowsagain1843d ago

I know, not too worried though. I think there will be plenty of info coming shortly, also it's a very early build they showed off.

6DEAD6END61843d ago

You can tell that the graphics are going to be great.

mrmarx1843d ago

Fora can't mess with this

GameCents1843d ago

Hehehe. Troll fail.
Justice enough on it's own.

No_Limit1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I think he meant Faora from Man of Steel. Sorry, but nothing can mess with Faora. “You are weak, only 30fps? Unsure of yourself,” I can do 1200 fps on screen. "A good laugh is its own reward"

mrmarx1842d ago

i don't troll. if you can except truth or don't agree with my opinion thats your problem.

Fluke_Skywalker1843d ago

I don't really think they are competing directly, yes they are both racing games but they are very different beasts beyond that fact.

NeoTribe1842d ago

Its nothing but car porn for the car fanatics. Im pretty sure any arcade racer will be much more fun than this. This game almost makes gran turismo look like a arcade racer... Def not getting this for my ps4. Wish they woulda did an arcade racer seeing as we already the best racing sim on ps. Why the hell are they competing against there own exclusives. They shoulda tried making an arcade racer like forza or a better genre of game.

Blankolf1843d ago

Looks quite realistic, I think Forza will not only have to fight with gran turismo 6 but also break a sweat for this newcomer.

insertnamehurr1843d ago

Watch out, forza fans are going after you! xD

Eyeco1843d ago

The're two very different games

No_Limit1843d ago

On 2 different consoles

Hicken1842d ago

Never stopped the Forza fans- and developers- from going after GT.

Eyeco1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

That's because Forza and GT are both racing simulator's it at least makes sense,I don't advocate the bashing because realistically the 2 games have their strengths and weaknesses.

But Drive Club isn't a racing simulator. It's like comparing Battlefield to Arma both are entirely different games. Drive Club is more of a competitor to a game like Grid, Need For Speed, Burnout those kind of racers NOT simulators like GT and Forza, so saying it's a competitor to the latter hold ZERO weight whatsoever.

NeoTribe1842d ago

How can you tell it looks good? that video was horrible looking...

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