Top 25 GameCube Games Of All Time (#10-6)

GR: While hardly the most successful system for Nintendo, the GameCube has grown to become a favorite in the hearts on many gamers. The quirky lunchbox-like console had a funky (but totally comfortable) controller, mini discs, and a selection of interesting games that couldn't be found anywhere else (Pikmin, I'm looking at you). To honor Nintendo's fourth home console, we've decided to compile a list of the twenty-five greatest games on the platform. In case you're wondering why Twilight Princess is noticeably absent, it's because we decided to give the game a nod in our Top 25 Wii Games list instead. If you've got a problem with that, deal with it.

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dbjj120881987d ago

Soul Calibur II was undoubtedly best on Gamecube thanks to Link. There was really no point owning any of the other versions.