Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed as a Day 1 Digital Title on PSN

The Final Fantasy news keeps on coming as Square Enix has brought out a brand new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which shows off some more of the story, along with a tiny bit of gameplay.

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TrendyGamers1903d ago

It's looking better the more I see, but I wouldn't want to play it unless I catch up on XIII and XIII-2.

Snookies121903d ago

I enjoyed the heck out of XIII-2 surprisingly. Enough to get the Platinum trophy on it. Which I don't normally go for. You should really try and get around to playing it. Though you have some time before this comes out at least.

TiberusX871903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I felt exactly the same way, and it's only one of two platinum trophies I have. There was just something I really enjoyed about XIII-2.

Need4Game1903d ago

Get LightningReturnsFF13 20million copies Sold, and make FF16 a turned-base RPG !

1903d ago
CLOUD19831903d ago

I wonder how many copies this garbage is going to sell, less or more than XIII-2? let's see how many little kids SE succeed to pull to the dark side.

1903d ago
mydyingparadiselost1903d ago

Oh, you mean I'll be able to pay the same price as retail for less options? yeeeeaaaaa