Xbox 360 now only 99€ in Germany

Amazon, Gamestop and MediaMarkt selling now the Xbox 360 console for only 99€ in Germany.

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abzdine1604d ago

yes that's cool but is a 4GB really enough to play and everything? because you still need to add the price of LIVE. but what can the 4GB DD be used for?

CyberFlux1604d ago

True, you can't do much with a 4GB HDD

devwan1604d ago

4GB is incredibly small, that's maybe enough for a few skyrim saves.

My nephews struggle with their 12GB ps3, 4 seems barely enough for a few patches and updates in all seriousness.

LoydX-mas1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

So go buy a cheap 32gb usb stick. Or just use the cloud storage available(for game saves).

LeRise1604d ago

He who buys 4 GB version, won't be able to play GTA V. What a shame.

esemce1604d ago

No you will need to add a Hard drive /or 16gb USB drive for sure as 4gb is way too small.

Foxgod1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Yep just ad a 10 euro usb stick and you can install GTAV on it.

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fabiani1604d ago

4 demos or music looool

Starbucks_Fan1604d ago

Is this a sign of a US price drop?

5eriously1604d ago

Who the suck want one? I wont buy it if it was 99c.

gamertk4211604d ago

Wow, my Sony hatred only went so far as me buying my friend's super slim ps3 for $100. 99 cents is true loathing, lol.

360ICE1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

With ice cream prices sitting at 30 cent at McDonald's, I can see what you mean. You always have to think: Would I give up three ice creams for a 360? Should I buy this new TV or just get 985 ice creams? Should I pay my rent or make a vanilla flavoured swimming pool?
It's a tough world we live in. We must seek solace and sweet justice in ice cream.

5eriously1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

The main reason I said so was that the eX360 is dead in the water, now I lost all hope for the Xbone thanks to M$. So why all the disagrees? M$ wont support the 360 like Sony would still support the PS3 for the next few years? Anyone believing so must be a fool as they (M$)did not support the 360 gaming console with many new games recently.

OK I changed by mind. I would maybe buy it for 99c plus some free games but not for $9.99 for sure.

kryteris1604d ago

so hurry and trade in your pos x360 before it drops half in value? oh, ok.