Are Our Impressions of A NEW product Clouded by Company PR?

IRB Gamer- "Is our overall impressions/rating of a new game/objects in fact clouded by our initial excitement of its impending release?

Too often times we hear "Oh my god, this is so awesome." To only shortly, whether it be days, weeks or months, hear that it isn't as good as you once thought, that it sucks or "why did I buy this" and so on. So I ask myself why is this? Are we just too pumped up with PR announcements and so hopeful that it is going to be as awesome as it looks?"

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Donnieboi1961d ago

Yeah, I feel like this happens to often. That's why I don't get overly hyped too soon. For example, people are so hyped over over "The Division" when we know nothing about it. Even my hero Hideo Kojima is hyped over it. But not enough info justifies the early hype. Just wait for more info, I guess.

fsfsxii1960d ago

Hmm, not sure if Kojima is hyped about it, he's just impressed and the game gave him a motive to improve upon MGSV. I expect something epic from him.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

Company marketing and PR can always have an effect on perception of a product. They use various colors, shapes, images, etc to manipulate how the viewer feels about what the company is selling. It's been going on for a long time and a lot of research money has gone into it. Sometimes it's subliminal and sometimes not, but people get paid big bucks to do it. One of the most basic examples is summed up as "sex sells". You'll rarely see ugly people enjoying a product in a commercial, because the implication is that the consumer will become one of these attractive people by using whatever is being sold, or at least become more like the attractive people in some way. Humans are easily manipulated if you know which buttons to push.

2cents1960d ago

I agree,

You just have to look at the MS and Sony adverts featuring friends and family. Fake plastic people, perfect teeth, trendy clothes and everyone getting along so happily, excuse me while I vomit.

2cents1960d ago

I just posted this comment on another article but i think its more suited here. All I can say is that...
It's not just the company PR machine,

The press has almost all of us eating out of its dirty lie soaked hands. I can't believe there is going to be 5 more months of this. It's really depressing,

It seems no one is allowed to be happy for the PS4 or the Xbox One, this coming generation is becoming far less respectful and overly aggressive, both side are acting childish, everyone is surfing the waves of lies and deceit and swearing by rumour and speculation.

Patience is obviously not a strong point for most of the N4G community. Nickel n Dime sites with pre-pubescent 'journalists' writing utter shite, stirring the biggest shit pot I've ever smelled. We are the ones who need to slow our pulses down and stop being so reactionary about two products that aren't even available yet.

I am staying in the 'wait and see' camp, anyone else care to join and save some face in this pointless battle?