The DeanBeat: The Last of Us is this generation’s masterpiece

The DeanBeat:
"As the current video game generation winds down, it’s nice to see that Sony and Naughty Dog have hit their creative peak with The Last of Us. This moody post-pandemic video game is a masterpiece of the PlayStation 3 generation. As Sony and Microsoft prepare to move on to a new generation, it will be hard for them to top the emotional impact of the story and intense character development. As you prepare to say goodbye to your old consoles, don’t miss the experience of playing The Last of Us. The game, available now on the PlayStation 3, represents the very best of what video games can be."

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Sizzon1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

It is one my favourite games of this generation and ever. Another masterpiece of this generation was and is easily Red Dead Redemption, while I was disappointed with GTA IV, Rockstar delivered again with RDR. Another one gotta be Bioshock. Haven't played Bioshock Infinite yet :p

2 other fantastic games were Uncharted 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum in my opinion. Then ofc you have Demon's Souls and Portal 2. Hehe so many great games!

Ezz20131990d ago

my list For best games of this gen
have TLOU and RDR on the top too
1.TLOU/Demon Souls
2.RDR/Uncharted 2
4.Infamous2/Heavy Rain
5.Lord of shadows 1 and soon 2

Lovable1989d ago


"1.TLOU/Demon Souls "

Exactly. Exactly same as mine. I would put DS to number 2 since you can't put two together on same spot.

edwineverready1989d ago

I got demon souls free with plus, but am yet to start playing it. what makes this game so great in your opinion?

1989d ago
Ezz20131989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


oh sh**, how could i forgot that game
it's one of the best games i have played this gen too
lol first time i agree with you on something

well, i could list tons of reasons why it's awesome
but you should try it for your self
i don't know if you gonna love it as i do
because this game is not for every gamer

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Ezz20131989d ago


well, i love demon souls as much as i love TLOU

before TLOU was out
Demon souls was my GOTG
now both are my GOTG :)

Lovable1989d ago

Same here brother same here

scott1821989d ago

Completely agree about re dead redemption, I hope they make another. I just finished The Last of Us and I can barely describe how amazing I thought it was, just fantastic.

ZodTheRipper1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Quality-wise, in my opinion it's without a doubt the best game in this console generation. It showed me that games still have a long way to go. Naughty Dog took the first into next gen already with it.

GusBricker1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It's a really, really good game, but...


With Joel surviving from the type of wound he had for so long was just totally unbelievable and soured the story for me.

*end spoilers*

HellzAssassin1989d ago


You do realize Ellie was taking care of him for a very long time.... right? Hence the "Season change" to Winter? So it's quite believable... The scene where he does get the wound, and interaction with the environment really displays a lot of character and it actually quite mindblowing. Extremely well done sequence. Just like the entire game...

CrossingEden1989d ago

actually no it was a case of the "cinematic bullet" trope

Ezz20131989d ago


couldn't say it better

cpayne931989d ago

Actually people underestimate how much it can take to kill a person. It isn't like it is in the movies, where one gunshot to the stomach causes death in about ten seconds. An organism's body will usually fight as hard as it can to survive, it is actually possible for someone to suffer such a massive womb and survive. Given, of course, they get medical treatment. I guess Ellie was able to sew up the womb, but of course, it got infected. Doesn't seem too unbelievable.

rpd1231989d ago

Ellie sewed up Joel's womb!?! :P

cpayne931988d ago

Wow... That was a pretty awkward typo on my part lol

assdan1989d ago

She was taking care of joel for at least a month, and could have been taking care of him as long as 3 or 4. It's completely believable.

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plaZeHD1989d ago

1, The Last Of Us
2, Red Dead Redemption/Batman: Arkham City
3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Auron1989d ago

I'm for a PS4 edition.

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