Game Informer - Time Sinks – Persona 3

Game Informer - In the PlayStation 2 era, role-playing games reigned supreme. It was nearly impossible to keep up, but I always finished off one and moved on the next seamlessly. Jumping from RPG to RPG started to take its toll. By 2007, it felt like I had seen it all, and RPGs weren't surprising me or doing anything that drastically different from the next. Then came Persona 3.

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fsfsxii1963d ago

I recently got into the Persona series, and man, i asked myself why didn't i know this series this long??
Currently 40 hours in, but have to restart because i effed up hard.

Muffins12231963d ago

Stuck on a boss fight or something?Thats why i played on easy the 2nd time i played through cause the first time i was stuck and i was stupid enough to put it on hard lol

fsfsxii1963d ago

I'm stuck with the 12th shadow, he does 1 hit kills and all of that because i was too lazy to explore tartarus, i reloaded an older save, but the save was the night before the last full moon, i tried my best to raise my level but it was too late.
Now, i reloaded a save from the beginning, 9 hours in and holy god, i'm still enjoying the game even though i'm a bit frustrated. Does anybody know why Death keeps reappearing for me when my level is freaking 9!!
The first time he appeared my level was 29. But now with my reloaded save, he keeps spamming me every friggin door.

Hicken1963d ago

Good idea to have MANY save files. And it's worse in P4 than P3, as you're up against a (vague) time limit in 4.

1962d ago
metaltales491962d ago

god I love persona 3 even though it took me days to beat it my first time and I got kill by a shadow at every corner I still play it over again and again just because I love persona.

Muffins12231962d ago

You beat it in days???IT took me months must of been playing it non-stop lol

metaltales491962d ago

yeah it took me about 4 or 5 days to beat I kind of was playing non-stop too.It was my first play through so I didn't max out all the social links just a few mostly the party member's.I'm not saying it wasn't a easy play through either I usually held my own pretty well in battle it just my party AI at times were head bashingly stupid.Character not healing went there one hit point away from death,character using move that they know will reflect on enemies and hit them back and using it anyway,and of course mitsuru's marin karin it wasn't a easy time but I still love this game.