Grand Theft Auto 5: A New Way to Escape Cops Revealed

New GTA 5 street gangs and police info revealed.

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nick3091986d ago

Cant wait ,day1, a good way to finish this gen.

brodychet1986d ago

you just crammed in all the most basic, cliche comments without reading the article, just to be first >_>

nick3091986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Commenting what's on mind isnt cliche, and i did read the article, when it was in pending , and no its not to be first .

Sam Fisher1986d ago

Wow even replying back sounds the same when typing back to people, i read it like you were kirk lmao

trickman8881986d ago Show
CrimsonStar1986d ago

lol how did you know he didn't read the article . Are you psychic? or are you just mad because you didn't get the first comment? SMH

RyuCloudStrife1986d ago

By accident I have escaped the cops a few times by doing this in Sleeping Dogs.

I just make the cops follow me to some gangs territory and then they start shooting the cops and distract them from me, and I'm free! Its also part of a side quest(or main mmission?) in Sleeping Dogs.

Good feature to have in GTA:V.

NukaCola1986d ago

I'd personally want the GTA Chinatown Wars Wanted System in a console title. I like crashing cops to lower the rating over just outrunning them. I loved some of the mission where you play chicken with the river and crash cops or bump them onto ramps & gas stations. Such an epic DS title. Hope they make another.

ArtificiallyYours1985d ago

At least what he says can be considered true for the majority.

Don't know what crawled up your ass and died.

pixelsword1985d ago

How about just throwing doughnuts?

Pushagree1985d ago

We all know the 1.1th comment gets the true glory on N4G.

brodychet1985d ago

@pushagree lmfao you're so right.

KiLLeRCLaM1985d ago

You just mad that you're second

H3ADWOUND811985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


You jealous or something?

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HammadTheBeast1986d ago

Between this and The Last of Us, I can't decide what my personal GoTY will be...

nick3091986d ago

Better have a few goty games.. Mine were the last of us, bioshock and metal gear risng, for now.

Jneal71986d ago

Maybe you'll have a better idea after you actually play the game. lol

Ezz20131986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

this year all sites and VGA must make a 2x GOTY award
so those TLOU and GTAV get it
(if GTAV is truly awesome game like RDR)

Kingdom Come1986d ago

Trying to decide if GTA V is GOTY without playing it...?

yeahokchief1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

GTA V took 5 years to make and i'll be playing it for months.

TLou deserved every one of it's 100% metascores, but I beat TLoU in a couple of days. It was fantastic. Loved it. Multiplayer was above and beyond expectations.

Very grateful Naughty Dog brought back survival horror in style, but as long as Rockstar's multiplayer doesnt have any hiccups or cause a bunch of console freezes I dont see it even being a contest.

In terms of quality they're both top tier. But what makes GTA V stand above TLou will be the scale. Because pushing quantity usually reduces quality, but Rockstar nails both with their games with all the time they spend on them. Think of it like this. If you had 2 kids you can only send them to college for 50k a year, but if you only had 1 kid you could send them to a college for 100k a year. Thats kinda how it is since ND does both uncharted and tlou in the time rockstar does gta v. they get to focus more love and attention on it.

Kinda relates to the whole kickstarter problem double fine is having. They initially wanted to make a quality game for 425k. Tey got 3 million so they upped the game content, but they made too much game and didnt do enough polish so now its being released as beta to be finished in a final version or something.

I dont like comparing Naughty Dog and Rockstar though. They're both the best of the best. COmparing one game here or one game there is bullshit. They both have amazing records and neither have ever let me down.

Jury1985d ago

Maybe playing them both will help you decide. Crazy I know, but worth a shot.

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1985d ago
x5exotic1985d ago

Even Brody, who has a picture of Cartman when he was like "what eva! I do what I want!"
is telling you that you are shit-posting. That's gotta tell you something.

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brodychet1986d ago

Wow, can't wait to use my homies to get away :3


brodychet1986d ago

some days N4G users love me, some days they hate me. Owell :o

ZombieKiller1986d ago

Looks like they hate you all days judging by your disagrees. Besides they come here to talk about games, not you.

I could care less about ya, I want GTA. One word for that game: SOLD

ArtificiallyYours1985d ago

It's because you pull the asshole routine when someone's comment doesn't beef up to your dick size.

PurpHerbison1985d ago

People disagree for the sake of doing it. Very rarely are they truly disagreeing with someone.

brodychet1985d ago

@zombie , wow . that was pretty rude lol.

I could care less about you, or some pixels that form into the letters that spell out "disagree (X)"

Just pointing out how some disagrees aren't really deserved.

Grow up friend.

Oh and P.s. they love me most days. Not sure where you found evidence that they "hate me all days" lmao.

No Way1985d ago

I hate you .. always.

PrimeGrime1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Pretty simple concept.

People show you the same respect you show them. Of course there are always those rogue disagree'ers that will go against even the most factual of statements but most of yours are there because you treat people like shit.

Then you expect them to care about what you say, as if it is that much more important.

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ZombieKiller1983d ago

Chet- Sorry if I was rude....I'll be nicer this time. PLEASE KINDLY pull your head out of your ass and realize people visit this site to check gaming news, not comment on you. I don't know you and don't care to, I'm simply basing my opinion on what people think of you by what I see- which is you commenting about yourself, and people giving you attention because of it. Might as well start calling you "Tameem"

Maybe if you were cool with people they would be cool with you.

TheGrimReaper00111986d ago

I hope it's going to be a bit like GTA chinatown wars.
Instead of just fleeing, you destroy the cops and their cars and then flee.
It was faster, more agressive and just more fun!

Timesplitter141986d ago

I gotta disagree with that. Playing GTA like this would be like playing a MGS game rambo-style.

You can definitely get through the game like that but intense car chases are just so much more fun imo

Mr_Nuts1986d ago

I hope the police system in general is better then in GTA4, we can all agree that most of the time when playing SA it was nice to get a 6 star wanted to take on the police especially when the army got involved but in GTA4 you had that horrible system where if you stayed in doors long enough, waiting for a massive shootout the star system would slowly go down and not stay on the highest wanted level for very long.

NavydAd1986d ago

I hope we can buy off cops like in Sons of anarchy

Endo-Endo1986d ago

lost and the damned, though Sons of anarchy is an awesome show