Sony: Home Beta to be public very soon

"We'll be opening up the Home Beta to the public very soon and hope to see you there"

Those are the words of Susan Panico, Senior Director of PlayStation Network commenting on the PSN and Home in the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Could we be seeing the open beta this month or next?

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sonarus3912d ago

Words like "soon" are all relative

fenderputty3912d ago

but the word "very" before that "soon" implies that the wait will be shorter rather than longer. Maybe it's supposed to come with the patch this month.

sonarus3912d ago

lol after that in shirt xmb crap sony pulled off at gdc, i am taking every bit of sony news with a grain of salt

Omegasyde3912d ago

Home is still slated for Spring 2008 and spring ends in June.

Then again Warhawk and GTA4 are getting "home" environments this month....

jwatt3912d ago

I think very soon is about 2 months right?

fenderputty3912d ago

that way one will never be let down if something comes up. Still ... it's been a while and recent events and news points to Home coming soon.

I might be breaking my own rules here but, I just can't help but get excited. I've had a PS3 since launch and have watched the console fall into place. It's taken longer then I wanted but, it's still exciting me.

gambare3912d ago

simultaneous launch with MGS4? maybe.

mikeslemonade3912d ago

Very soon means 3 weeks espcially in this industry when people don't like releasing information unless it's accurate or ready. This will be an awesome month for the PS3. Dualshock 3, Home, Prologue, and GTA4!.

MikeGdaGod3912d ago

i can't wait to see what you guys think of it.

masterg3912d ago

I have said it would be before GTA4. I'm still hoping :)

thereapersson3912d ago

You have to admit though, the sheer amount of people that are requesting that Sony include in-game XMB in the next firmware update is a little ridiculous. I mean, i'm sure that Sony knows that everyone and their mother would like to see in-game XMB, and I am also sure that they are diligently trying to get it to work out on the system, but it seems that it's just an internet crapflood of requests.

Hell, if I was working on something but people kept asking me to finish it, I would get a little peeved...

Bleucrunch3912d ago

Exactly sonarus I would like to hear something along the lines of NEXT TUESDAY.

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LSDARBY3912d ago

Hate to jynx it but maybe the next store update (april 17th.

Sony did say that there would be an exciting update to open the new store.

whoelse3912d ago

It could be just the MGO beta and other random stuff which would have been released this Thursday and the following one. But i hope you're right. That's damn to help PS3 sales for those PS2 owners going this-gen for some GTA goodness.

yesah3912d ago

i doubt it, this way in the May issue of the Playstation magazine, so no April lol.

Ahh, but the wait is excruciating

Hagaf223912d ago

just because its the may issue doesn't mean everything takes place in may, think of when this interview took place, it was obviously atleast a week before the magazine what published, which means it could be any day now, i would go to guess when the store reopens. well just have to wait and see.....

sonarus3912d ago

can someone provide the link where sony says this cus i never heard about that

yesah3911d ago

true, but still the may issue isn't released yet to non-subscribers of the magazine. So when may rolls around and people get it, and the title of a article says "Home to be released soon?" when its out already wouldn't make sense.

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TheHater3912d ago

I heard this back on November, so I am just going to wait and see. I really need to test this out, I just look amazing.

legendkilla3912d ago

october, november! i hope the open beta start's soon!

cellypower3912d ago

Man I wish they would give a date.

TheHater3912d ago

I agree dude. WE just need a date, and everyone will be happy.

Adamalicious3912d ago

Unless they miss the date and then we'll all be pissed! :)

btkadams3912d ago

ya we dont want another psp 2.00 update fiasco. they made a date and ended up being weeks late and everyone flipped. ever since then sony doesnt give dates for updates.

Asurastrike3912d ago

I see Home, the PSN Store Reskinning, and MGS4 beta, all happening the same week.

whoelse3912d ago

In my opinion, in a business point of view, there is no better time for all of the above.

winlonghorn3912d ago

I think that is possible! They said it will all be worth the wait and that we will be blown away! Could it be? Who Knows, but it is soon! :)