Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending March 28th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for the worldwide hardware for week ending March 28th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: (Last Week #)

DSL: 331,867 (393,319)
PSP: 259,131 (209,843)
Wii: 237,973 (398,957)
PS3: 218,781 (218,502)
360: 152,537 (184,008)
PS2: 137,874 (157,423)

Breakdown by region:


PLEASE NOTE, Software Numbers only reflect Europe region at the moment, DOES NOT include Japan or USA, software numbers are subject to change.

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Genesis53912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Well even though it is VG Sony finally got their first #1 pole position(software) with GT5.

I think you'll find the official charts will have it as #1 as well.

The Killer3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

so if u keep that in mind u can look forward to their numbers.
wow ps3 is kicking 360 so hard in europe even with 360 price cut!!!!


how come psp sale increase a lot in japan? did they release a new AAA game or something?? and which regions did god of war:chains of olimpus was released?

rawg3912d ago

I think the jump in PSP JP numbers are because of the new Monster Hunter game.

fenderputty3912d ago

of what actual sales will look like, then I think it's safe to say GT5P sold some consoles in the Europe. lol

HighDefinition3912d ago

PS3: 218,781 (218,502)
360: 152,537 (184,008)

I would consider this the 360s 1st real stomping.

Blademask3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

This will just be murder.

Microsoft will have to come up with another excuse. They cant use SHORTAGE since they had a Price Drop in the same period..

I think they will blame the Stargate.


Yeah it got a PRICE CUT in the UK during The American shortage...which is beyond all business practices that I've heard of.

But in all fairness.. the shortage was JUST in America, the 360 was stockpiled everywhere else...

Now you might ask, why wouldn't they just ship them from places in the world where they aren't selling at all... and you'd be a fool for asking.

Danja3912d ago

the 360 just recently got a price cut..?

I couldn't tell due to such low figures...the console is hitting a brick wall in EU/Japan...

The gaming GOD3912d ago

I always hated when people said ps3 has no games. It DOES have games. Just because it doesn't have bioshock, halo, or mass effect DOESN'T mean the system has no games.

It's funny, people used to say ps3 owners aren't buying blu ray. Well folks, many of you claim ps3 is the reason blu ray won. So how you can say ps3 owners don't buy blu ray is kinda ridiculous isn't it?

Now you guys say ps3 owners don't buy games. Well, the software numbers are slowly but surely catching up to the 360's software numbers.

Face Reality people, the ps3 WILL overtake the 360 regardless of what vgchartz questionable (and often wrong) numbers show

bababrooks3912d ago

ps3 is a great console and blueray player. my opinion is ms has come on leaps and bounds also, stick that in your pipe and smoke it fanboy!talking to you blademask, you have no clue about gaming systems, all you do is throw crap about,wido.

le killer3912d ago

how have you got so many bubbles?? is it because the other sony fanboys like it when you say speak such fanboy dross, thye boost you up so you can say more?! and in particular the typical fanboy things that they want to say?

anyway, i've got say that i thought it would've done better in europe after the way the sony fanboys have been saying that gtp was the beggining of the end for the 360!

if the figure do turn out to be true, then it's still good work for sony. but it does show things have changed this gen. with the markets split around the globe: japan is nintendos. europe will finish as sonys and in NA it's gonna be between microsoft and nintendo.

The gaming GOD3911d ago

so, america will be between nintendo and 360 huh?

Well, looking at the npd numbers every month as of late, it will more likely be between nintendo and sony. 360 fanboys such as yourself might wanna start facing reality.

It's common sense. If the ps3 can start outselling the 360 with a higher price AND "no games" (as many 360 fans LOVE to say), then what do you think will happen when they DO "have games"?

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Fishy Fingers3912d ago

I have noticed that this site seems to have an allergy to VGChartz, even though everyone seems to understand that they are nothing more than estimate.

Please, take them with a grain of salt, and try to remember that we're only talking about games console's here, try to keep perspective.

HighDefinition3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

and it`s basically been proven they inflate 360 numbers and deflate PS3 numbers. But, it is just a estimate. In all reality it`s probaly much worse for the 360, considering it just had a price cut and got mopped.

le killer3912d ago

provide some links to back up what you just said please!! if it's proven that hey inflate one set of figures and deflate another. then you should have no problem...many thanks

junk563912d ago

ps3 is WHOOPPPING 360 :)