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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "A departure from what we’re used to from Realmforge Studios, Dark is a stylized action game that is trying to make vampires cool again. A noble cause, if you ask me, but you can’t just get by on style alone, can you? The vampires of Dark are promising stealth action with RPG elements but, while you get these things in principle, the rest of what is hiding behind the striking visual style isn’t quite as deep as we were hoping. Let’s step into the Dark."

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ifritAlkhemyst1987d ago

Well that sucks.

If only Activision would stop sitting on the Vampire The Masquerade property. Then again, it would probably just be CoD: Vampire Nazi's or something.

sdozzo1987d ago

Why the extra ten bucks for console? Sadly, I think we knew this was not going to be a homerun.