Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 4: Face Graphics Comparison

GR - "The advances in Battlefield 4's graphics are staggering."

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FightFans1391d ago

hard to tell to be honest, need more screen shots

brodychet1391d ago

would like more pics, but i'd say it's pretty clear.

papashango1391d ago

it's the console version of bf3 vs. the pc version of bf4...facial textures makes it obvious. My version of bf3 looks nothing like that.

logan_izer101391d ago

I'm excited to see what games are looking like a few years after ps4 launches. If you compare Call of Duty 2 to 4, or BF2 to BF3 on PS3/360... Makes me gitty

KiLLeRCLaM1391d ago

Just look at both their skin/face.. BF4 looks more realistic..Everything about BF4 is better..

MWong1391d ago

Agreed with the skin. Also the eyes, look so much more realistic picking up the light along with the shading over the characters face. I can really see the difference between the 2 games. FB3 is a beast with the rendering.

AFCCannonieri1391d ago

That really does look better, im just excited to see how much consoles are going to progress graphics wise over the years when you look at how much they have improved since the start on current gen graphics.

ala_7671391d ago

Honestly, in this picture, Battlefiled 3's face looks more clean and clear!

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The story is too old to be commented.