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Would You Buy An Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key?

Another wave of beta invites were sent today and millions of disappointed Elder Scrolls fans scanned their spam inbox on all the accounts they signed up with. Come on, we all know you signed up more than once. A conversation sparked on a website I frequent posing the question, would you buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key? Buying, selling and trading early access to games is big business and there are a number of sites that serve this single purpose, but is it something you would consider doing? (PC, The Elder Scrolls Online)

zeal0us  +   424d ago
I would but 5-10bucks would be the most I would pay for it. I'm not about throw a large amount of $$$ thats guarantee to release next year.
PopRocks359  +   422d ago
Maybe a dollar or two, but not much more. I'm not largely involved in the Elder Scrolls franchise. A relative of mine who is a very big fan however would probably down $30 for it if given the chance.
nick90  +   422d ago
$5 sure - any more..? Nah I'm fine thanks.
CaptainCamper  +   422d ago
I've seen 1 sell for $100 :s
Adronicus  +   422d ago
I'd pay for early beta access. How much would I pay? Hard to say. I probably would go $10-25 for it.
manageri   422d ago | Spam
Jarhead1776  +   422d ago
5 bucks tops
SpecialK  +   422d ago

Whats the point? Wait for the real release. Remember by being in this beta we are doing the publishers a service, thats why its free.

Save your money for something that's finished and not buggy. Games are expensive as it is.
Nodoze  +   422d ago
Um even their finished games are bug-ridden. I do not know why so many people hold them in such high regard.

I wouldn't even pay for any of their 'final' release products.
SpecialK  +   421d ago
Well there is that.

I'm never buying another of their games at launch again. Got burned twice with ps3 versions that were almost unplayable at times and constant bugs.
Hydralysk  +   422d ago
I'd rather just buy Morrowind again.
Rynocirator  +   422d ago
It's not worth paying for when it's released, it's another swtor. I can vouch.
Lord_Sloth  +   422d ago
No. I'm not paying money to participate in a broken game to help developers identify all the glitches that will likely be in the finished product anyway. XXXD
Nodoze  +   422d ago
Heck no. Bethesda's finished games are buggy enough, I cannot imagine the state of a beta!!
Adronicus  +   422d ago
Being in the beta has benefits for the MMO power player. You get to start working with game mechanics to find the best way to XP and PvP not to mention figure out how the game economy really works. That is why I'd consider paying to get into the beta. All those benefits to the player makes finding the bugs for the publisher a win-win.
RedSoakedSponge  +   419d ago
i would buy a key if what i pay was taken off the price of the game once its released.

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