Destiny PS4 Demo Used 'Super Secret Dev Kits,' Engine Gets all the 'Awesome out of Every Platform'

One of the most anticipated gameplay reveals at E3 2013 was that of Destiny from Bungie. They did a good job hyping the game before the event, but went crazy during the Sony Press Conference, showing the game off in all its glory.

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TrendyGamers1120d ago

Interesting, can't wait to play this next year.

Maybe they'll put a demo in Ghosts?

DeFFeR1119d ago

A yes to everything except the demo in Ghosts.

TrendyGamers1119d ago

Haha wow, wasn't expecting so many disagrees for that comment.

I just meant I wonder if they'll put a demo in Ghosts so they can help it get in the minds of as many people as possible.

doctorstrange1119d ago

Stop mentioning Call of Duty on the internet. Disagrees will follow.

Masterdon1119d ago SpamShow
Parapraxis1119d ago

This is a BUNGIE game.
It will be direct competition for the Call of Duty franchise.

onyoursistersback1119d ago

You'll get double the disagree if you added "XboxOne" to your comment.

karl1119d ago

its not a bad idea... the thing is that ppl like me who has no interest in a cod game may buy one just for the destiny demo..

and that would totally suck.. so pls noo.. any other game would be fine


lolol poor trendygamers. just trying to make a point, you poor soul.

filipakos1119d ago

@onyoursistersback imagine saying "im playing cod ghosts on my xbox one" next gen

MikeyDucati11119d ago

I see what you're saying. Unfortunately members of this site respond to triggers and can't possibly view and judge your objectively.

WeskerChildReborned1119d ago

Why? Ghosts ain't anything the past couple CODs...

ArronC071119d ago

Perhaps they'll give us free leprosy with every copy as well? That would be just as awesome!

listenkids1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )


Are you on drugs?

zippycup1119d ago

there probably like me got so tierd of fps only one i play now is borderlands 2 and battlefield 3(because of psplus) so we wont be getting ghosts

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Nafon1119d ago

All CoD hate aside, game demos aren't normally in games anymore, it seems. at least not as often as they used to be. I think this fall would be a bit early for a destiny demo, too.

lauren12saldivar1119d ago SpamShowReplies(2)
C4BL31119d ago

The only way to get a "Demo" is to go to and sign up for Beta.

Wizziokid1119d ago

God no because then I would have to buy COD.

N311V1119d ago

At first I thought you were crazy, then I remembered that Activision is publishing Destiny. This could well happen. Sorry I can't take back my disagree.

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knifefight1120d ago

And all the money out of my checking account.

FrigidDARKNESS1120d ago

Title to article is mis-leading. The manager doesnt say anything about a super secret dev kit engine.

Digital foundry analysis of Destiny ps4 that it has a low poly-count compared to COD Ghosts.

doctorstrange1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Bungie: "What we took to E3 were our super-secret dev kits. Those are the hardware tools we’re using to make the game. If you thought that looked pretty, you can totally expect that level of polish on your PS4."

The title has a comma before engine...

Thomper1119d ago

"Lever of polish" hmmmm what does that even mean...I hope he meant "detail"

Larkman131119d ago InappropriateShow
Thomper1119d ago


So, you're following me now? I should be flattered, but you're a bit of a simpleton....I am, therefore, disappointed....

windblowsagain1119d ago

Low poly Characters. Because they aint faces.

Halo has low poly everything.

I wish COD would die a horrible death.

Foxgod1119d ago

Halo 4 won best graphics of the year awards....


That's exactly his point, when you are not rendering faces poly count will usually go significantly down without meaning the game looks bad, simply your models demand less polygons to achieve good quality.

Ju1119d ago

Who cares about CoD. This and The Division are my high roles on my shopping list. And I go with KZ:SF over CoD and BF for my quick shooter fix. The same I did on the PS3.

The better visuals and a half open world aspect (bigger world which lets you choose missions instead of yet the same linear run through). And then followed by so many other games - AC:BF, Watch Dogs or inFamous or Drive Club. Can't play all those in the time I have. I am not sure if I like all this massive games. I have no time for all that.

I loved the Co-Op mode in R2 - and really a shame there hasn't been much like it since. Both those two seem to be just like what I want.

SonyAddict1119d ago

Lol Eurogamer has bin shitting on PlayStation as far back as I can remember...I used to have an account on there and I seen it happen on a Dailey basis!.

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dbjj120881120d ago

The sooner they show games on ACTUAL PS4 hardware, the happier I'll be.

Maninja1119d ago

"If you thought that looked pretty, you can totally expect that level of polish on your PS4."

DeadlyFire1119d ago

Well I expect that to happen at Gamescom.

HammadTheBeast1119d ago

Infamous and Killzone are happy to help. And Knack too.

iPad1119d ago

So it's safe to say the PS4 is the lead platform for Destiny?

BattleTorn1119d ago

I'm a xbox fan, and even bigger Bungie fan...

Atm, I'd say it's safe to assume so.

Mystogan1119d ago

There is no such thing as "lead platform" anymore, both use the same PC architecture.

doctorstrange1119d ago

Yeah, they even phased out lead platforms this gen. Or, if they do have a lead plat, they don't tell anyone, as it turns into a massive deal.

Ju1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

"No lead platform" yes, "same PC architecture" no

Foliage1119d ago

Xbox One will be the lead; you want to start with the inferior hardware. Then you can scale and apply the better technology on top of the Xbox one version to produce the better looking PS4.

The GPU in the PS4 is at least twice as powerful as the Xbox One; the RAM also puts the Xbox One to shame. The only place it can compete is the CPU: with that said; unlike the fictional power of the cloud; PS4 has already shown the benefits of being able to utilize their GPU for processes normally performed by the CPU. As they have ample power to spare on the GPU; the CPU will produce well ahead of the similar chip in the Xbox One.

Reverent1119d ago

@Foliage, uh, that's actually the opposite of how it works. Developers start with the higher end technology because it is much easier to scale things down than it is to scale them up.

Mystogan1119d ago


"The GPU in the PS4 is at least twice as powerful as the Xbox One; the RAM also puts the Xbox One to shame"

Are you drunk?

the GPU is supposedly 50% more powerful but they compared it to an off-the shelf GPU. The X1 GPU is custom-made, we don't know what it is really capable of. so it might be closer to 20%.

Also its been recently confirmed that the RAM is pretty much comparable if not faster then the PS4's RAM. The X1 is capable of 192GB per second while the PS4 does 176GB.

jmac531119d ago

@Mystogan the fact that MS hasn't released any specs other than 5 billion transistors and the execs saying hardware isnt everything is very telling that they have the weaker hardware.

DoesUs1119d ago

Myst, only the embedded 32meg ESRam can reach that figure. The DDR3 setup still tops out at 102g BW. Don't spread misinformation.

xxLuckyStrike1119d ago


you lost all credibility and proved how clueless and misinformed most fanboys are. Your whole troll post should be pounded with a giant red "fail stamp"

MysticStrummer1119d ago

There will always be a lead platform until all systems are exactly the same, which hasn't happened yet.

Also, 32MB of One's RAM have turned out to be faster than previously thought. The rest is just as slow as previously thought. You don't add the two together.

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Wizziokid1119d ago

I would hope so since it's the more powerful machine.

I don't want a repeat of last gen with Sony getting the crap end of the deal when it came to multiplats