Cross-platform save game functionality confirmed for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase just took to the stage at Japan Expo 2013 over in Paris to talk Final Fantasy X & X-2's HD Remaster, and confirmed a much-wanted feature for fans - cross-save functionality between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

Addressing the crowd, Kitase revealed that players would be able to seamlessly transfer their save from one platform to another and continue exactly where they left off - and this feature counts for both FFX and FFX-2.

On PS3 the pair come bundled on one disc - but the Vita versions of each game will be sold separately.

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sherimae24131659d ago

good, very good move SE ^_^
now when is the release date again?

Xaphy1659d ago

id say holiday season. Im more interested in FFX. I never played any of them as im not a big RPG on big screens. RPG has a whole new meaning on a handheld.

jujubee881659d ago

I'm glad VITA has such cool RPG's. Soul Sacrifice and YS look like the kind of RPG's the cool kids play. :P

On the other side, you have Little Kings Story, Atelier, etc.

In the whole, JRPG's for handhelds are a way of life. And Sony's PSP and now VITA enable the JRPG creators and lovers very well.

kewlkat0071659d ago

@Xaphy - you will not be disappointed...the last great Final Fantasy.

abzdine1659d ago

ok now this went from meh to a must buy! X-save is a must have feature for these type of collections!

I will say something i haven't said for 6 years: GOOD JOB SquareEnix! (feels weird to say)

Firan1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Not trying to start a damn platform debate, but if you are interested in RPGs and you don't have a NDS, you should consider getting one. Just came in mind when you mentioned Vita and PSP.

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G20WLY1659d ago

Hello Vitamuffin lol!

It's been confirmed as 17 October, here's a link:

TongkatAli1659d ago

LOL! who is that in the background ? Jack Tretton ?

G20WLY1659d ago

^Lol, I'm not entirely sure mate, bit weird isn't it!

guitarded771659d ago

Not good if that means they share trophy sets across PS3 and Vita. I prefer two trophy sets.

bakagaijin781659d ago

My thoughts exactly. If you have to buy the PS3 & Vita versions separately, they should have separate trophy sets IMO.

j-blaze1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

now please confirm new game plus for FFX and the release date SE!

despair1659d ago

nice, getting both for both platforms so this will be handy.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1659d ago

Personally I find it kinda stupid how the PS3 ver is X and X-2, whereas for the Vita they are standalone.

wolokowoh1659d ago

They will probably be separated for PS3 on the PS Store and have a bundle on PSN for Vita. Obviously they can't shove both on a single 4gb Vita card like Konami did MGS(3.3 gb). FF10 was over 4 gb on PS2 to begin with so even while they're compressing as much as they can, the assets have be in a higher resolution and are probably larger. This means it's going be over 3 gb(closer to 4) for just FFXHD on Vita. It might be well over 4 if they went a higher capacity card.

despair1659d ago

True but the prices will represent that, it'll be $40 for the PS3 one and $20 each for the Vita ones so it works out well other than having to buy twice for the Vita version.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1659d ago


That's very true. They could require to split it due to the sheer size, especially since they are remastering it, if anything, it'll be bigger.
Like @Despair said though, hopefully the price is represented properly.

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blackstrr4111659d ago

I want this on my xbox. FFX was my best FF game

LAWSON721659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Go buy a cheapass ps3 you could easily find an old one around $100

chikane1659d ago

@blackstrr411 Nice Try with Xbox

Thankfully its playstation exclusive like the
original where.and thats how it should stay -_-

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