Ring in the New Gen: Top 10 Nintendo Exclusives

SpawnFirst counts down the 10 best exclusive Nintendo games. Controversy is sure to ensue!

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_QQ_1960d ago

I would switch out TP for SS.

Xof1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

To be fair, Nintendo has produced so many classic games it's really impossible to whiddle the list down to only 10. Even 20 or 30 would prove difficult, I think.

I mean, hell, you could do a top-10 list composed of nothing but Zelda titles.

nolander641960d ago

Same with Mario. And Donkey Kong. And Pokemon. Plus all the spinoffs like Smash Bros, Mario Party, countless Mario Karts...

Ugh. How do they not have ten thousand great Wii U titles already??

Xof1960d ago


Nintendo uses relatively small development teams, so as the hardware scales up, so too does the amount of work required to produce games (which is why they're scrambling to hire more staff and increase production).

They also have a much more... studios style of development compared to most other studios, spending a lot of time on development to make things perfect, and even more time on QA to make certain everything is 100%.

Which is why it's taken Nintendo nearly one year to really START supporting the WiiU.

And the 3DS was in much the same position.

It's kind of like Nintendo was completely blindsided by how much more expensive game development would get with more powerful hardware. Maybe because the GCN->Wii jump was so small?

Mr_Nuts1960d ago

Are you joking TP was fantastic, SS was over rated as hell and a massive step back for the franchise

_QQ_1960d ago

SS overrated? how can it be overrated if only a handful of people favor it,if anything it is underrated.The motion controls really is an unparalleled control setup unless you are a lazy gamer.

Mr_Nuts1960d ago

A handful...did you not see the over rated reviews it got when it was released.

It should of never got any praise, it should of been scored lowered because as I've said it was a step back for the franchise. Not a lot of exploration, it was repetitive, it got boring fast, lack of side quests etc

Then you have the forced motion controls, it's not people being lazy it's people who don't like motion controls in general being forced to use them in SS despite the Wii having gamecube controller support and a classic controler.

_QQ_1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Most people who don't like motion controls don't like them because they are lazy...News flash for you,the empty open worlds from past games aren't as special as you remember.I'm talking about the fanbase not review sites.The motion Controls were amazing, you have to be very closed minded,lazy, or a Nostalgia fanboy to actually believe that the motion controls were genuinely bad. Noone was being forced to use motion controls as no one was forcing you to play. To be honest based on every comment i have seen from you on this site, i'm going to safely assume you have never even played a zelda game. So stop trying argue something you know nothing about.

Firan1960d ago

My only issue with SS was how they recycled dungeons.

Canary1960d ago

Massive step back?

Not even close.

At worst, Skyward Sword was several small steps back (constant tutorializing and segmented world design) with a few really big steps forward (stronger narrative focus, strong supporting cast, bigger role for Zelda, etc.).

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Deku-Johnny1960d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to switch it for OoT as that game is widely accepted as the best game ever made.