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Submitted by mii-gamer 952d ago | opinion piece

The PS4 & One will surpass the Wii U on pre-orders alone… Don’t make me laugh

mii-gamer writes:

At times, it is hard to understand the logic behind certain people especially those blind with bias. For some individuals, the possibility of the Wii U becoming successful is so absurd that their ability to think rationally and logic are severely affected. In fact, any optimism for Nintendo and Wii U is retorted with vitriol comments, one after another, like a constant flow of diarrhoea.

Let me explain the context of my lividness. A few days ago, while scouring the internet for the latest news -I came across some ridiculous comments under an article on the subject of Wii U sales. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with these types of comment, but they were too numerous to ignore, too idiotic to debate with a simple one line response. Needless to say, these comments left me with a brain haemorrhage. (Wii U)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   953d ago
Well i can tell the author one major problem that the wii u costs pretty much the same as a ps4.
jcnba28  +   953d ago
How exactly? Wii U = $300, PS4 + PSN = $455
PrimeGrime  +   952d ago | Intelligent
You mean PS4 + PS plus? You don't need PS+ to use anything on PSN. You can use quite a bit without PS+ at all and even play some games unlike Xbox Live.

You also know they practically discontinued the $299 8gb Wii U model right. They only sell the $349 models now new here for me. So again no the Wii U now, is $349 new.

The PS4 is $399.

PS+ is optional and yes most people will buy it for multiplayer, since they won't probably want to play free-to-play MMO's all the time but it is still completely optional. It won't limit you from using other services on the PS4 like netflix ect either which will all still be free to use.

Chances are pretty big tons of PS4 will come with PS+ subscriptions later or for black friday as well. Even if they are only for 3 months or a month. PS+ is constantly being given away.

Kind of ignorant if you think about. Knowing most people are all going to buy the console with games, so shouldn't you include the price of games also?

Not every game at launch needs multiplayer either. So again that should be noted but whatever you drones are all the same. No idea why I bother.
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deafdani  +   952d ago
If you're going to use the price of the base console for Wii U, use the same criteria for PS4 as well. PSN isn't mandatory, making its base price $400.

It doesn't actually detract from your argument. That's still a $100 difference, which will matter in the mind of a lot of consumers (especially dads and moms looking to give their kids a new console this upcoming Christmas).
slivery  +   952d ago
How about this Wii U deluxe (since 8GBs were discontinued) + Pro Controller = $400.

So stupid. There is your dumb logic thrown right back at you. You can't even buy the 8GB model online at Gamestop here in the US. Unless it is used or refurbished.
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_QQ_  +   952d ago
Wiiu has free online play, Therefore the ability to play online needs to be included in the PS4 package.450$vs 300$ 500 vs 330$ after tax. get over it.
Why would you include a pro controller that isn't necessary to access everything that the console is capable of. You can't play online without PS+ but you can on the WiiU for free.
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Qrphe  +   952d ago | Well said
It's pretty much $349 vs $399 at this point.
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slivery  +   952d ago

Easy because you don't need PS+ for the PS4 to function. It isn't Xbox Live where you need it for basically everything.

You can play the MMO's on it for free without PS+ and you can access PSN and all that other crap that isn't related to online multiplayer, you can play games offline also. As said above not every single game is even going to have multiplayer as well. Not every single person even planned on using the PS4 online anyway. That is what the whole DRM nonsense we had to listen to for ages was about, did you miss all that?

So again PS+ is an option in the same sense the pro controller on the Wii U is optional. If you want to use "more multiplayer" on PS4 then you need PS+. If you don't like to use the gamepad and want to use a regular controller on the Wii U you have to shell out the same.

They are both options. Something you obviously can't seem to understand or most of you for that matter.

That is why adding PS+ into the equation is a stupid point to be making.
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_QQ_  +   952d ago
@Silvery Answer me this question, are you going to play online with PS4?at least over half of the people who own one will,and if you answer yes to that question then you are paying 500$ after tax.
Rusty515  +   952d ago
I already have ps plus though...
mikeslemonade  +   952d ago
The author is just jealous that Nintendo hasn't got it right on the console front since Nintendo 64.

PS4 will match the sales within one year. X1 will take longer than that. It's gonna be generation 6 again whether you like it or not: PS4 120 million, Xbox 1 25 million, and Wii U 22 million.

The WiiU is not even next gen so why even compare it.
PurpHerbison  +   952d ago
Stopped reading at "unlike Xbox Live." Completely unnecessary.
mikeslemonade  +   952d ago
What online are you gonna be playing with WiiU anyway if you are comparing the $50 online extra on PS4?

If you are debating between those two systems. The WiiU has no prominent online population. What are you seriously gonna be playing?? COD or Mario Kart. No one serious is gonna be playing COD and Mario Kart is about have friends and family coming over to play locally.
fr0sty  +   952d ago
And, even with PS+, that PS4 is delivering about 5-10x the raw power and a MUCH better online system than Wii U, so it isn't just about raw price but also the value. Bang for your buck favors PS4 by a long shot.
Eddie20101  +   952d ago

I like the Wii U and own one but lets be fare, when you buy the $300.00 Wii U your eventually going to have to buy some kind of extra storage just for game updates and downloadable content.

You don't have to buy PS+ if your not playing games online.

Plus PS4 can play DVD's, Blu-Ray's and is much more powerful than a Wii U.

But you can only get Nintendo games on the Wii U and some of them are looking pretty darn good.
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mikeslemonade  +   952d ago
And if the Nintendo network was even remotely close to the quality of Xbox Live or PSN, then they would charge money.

Nintendo is the most greedy console maker of the three.
slivery  +   952d ago

Actually I won't. I have over a years worth of PS+ just from free subscriptions from offers and such that were given away to me.

I'll be fine long before I need to worry about paying that extra $50. So is there anything left for you to say?
RedHawkX  +   952d ago
wii u is 350 and inferior in every way with a weaker graphics, crap online that its basically not even online multiplayer lol, crap 32 gb hardrive, crap controller, no games, no blueray, no features at all like recordeing gameplay etc.

wii u = 350

ps4= 400 with way more stuff in it and power

also ps+ gives you free games lol you get drive club and other games free day one so its basically just a game you buy.

for wii u you need a wii motion plus and buy a bigger hardrive for 70-100 dollars. also wii u doesnt have a account system so once your wii u is gone you lose all your downloads forever.
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PrimeGrime  +   952d ago

I brought it up because many of you are making it seem like PS+ is absolutely needed like Xbox Live.

Whatever you like more I really don't care but when you make PS+ seem like Xbox Live. Yes I am going to be bring up the fact it isn't exactly like Xbox Live.

Is it similar now, sure, is it the same? No.


Don't be sending me stupid ass PM's. I said here in my area they no longer sell the 8GB models anywhere. I made that very clear, I didn't say every part of the world did but that doesn't matter cause I am not paying out the ass for shipping around the globe.

I purchase my consoles close to me as it is more logical and cheaper.

You don't believe me? Here.
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MysticStrummer  +   952d ago
"You can't play online without PS+"

Depends on the game. My most anticipated PS4 title right now is Planetside 2, which is online only and playable without a PS+ membership. The same goes for Warframe and DC Universe Online.
_QQ_  +   952d ago
@silvery it is still 450$ after tax vs 330. The question i asked was if you were going to use PS Plus, only a minority of people will do whatever it is you are doing to get free PS plus, still 500$ for everyone else, and make it 750$ after the consoles lifespan.
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meganick  +   952d ago
Why do so many people think the Wii U Basic model was discontinued? It wasn't. Nintendo just recalled some to balance the inventories of Pro and Basic models. The Basic model is still around people. Get your facts straight.
TongkatAli  +   952d ago
PrimeGrime did this. Owned them hard and they're desperately trying to reply back to you to get something which no one knows.

@ meganick

Used only
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GABRIEL1030  +   952d ago
With Plus PS4 will be more atractive, for example in PS3 Plus offers to users 1.000 bucks in free games: Machinarium, Malicious, Labyrinth Legends, The Cave, Saints Row: The Third, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs,Vanquish, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend,Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, wipEout 2148,God Eater Burst and for any doubt of the PLUS greatness this month for FREE: BATTLEFIELD 3.

You must try the service is amazing.
dark-hollow  +   952d ago
"And if the Nintendo network was even remotely close to the quality of Xbox Live or PSN, then they would charge money."

This sounds very familiar....
"Bu bu but the Xbox live on the 360 is better than psn on ps3. That's why its not free"
Dgander  +   952d ago
All this damage control. No one here is going to buy a PS4 to play single player with all those multiplayer shooter games they teased. PS4 without paying for online multiplayer is not a full experience and not worth it from what they showed at E3. Just as jcnba28 stated: Wii U = $300 to $350 and PS4 = $400 to $455 and upwards.
aceitman  +   952d ago
Let me see what will i buy wiiu 32 gig with 2 gig gdrr 3 of power for 349 or ps4 500 gig with 8 gig of gdrr 5. 399. That is easy .
Dgander  +   952d ago
@aceitman At $399 alone you get no online multiplayer.
Ju  +   952d ago
Price per value. Right? I (and probably a whole lot other people) are not gonna spent $299 on a machine I already own since 5 years. Simple, isn't it?

Yeah, sure a Zelda fix in HD and some Mario HD could be nice. @ $199 - maybe. But not as my primary machine.
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Dgander  +   952d ago
@Ju Mario Kart and Monolith's game already shows the Wii U is far more capable than PS360. It also looks better this early in its development cycle at 1080p 60fps. The under powered argument no longer exist since that E3 Nintendo direct.....nice try trolling though.
R00bot  +   952d ago
8gb Wii U's weren't discontinued..
N4g_null  +   952d ago
This is a pretty interesting argument. So basicly the wiiu cost way to much for its power huh?

The core argument is truly that Nintendo actually needs to create value out of thin air much like they did with the 3ds. It isn't about power or tech or even features.give gamers tons of free stuff and they become groupies.

The $50 price difference is not a problem. The lack of free stuff is. Even Nintendo knows this which is why they are not coming off the price. They know the price is fine. Amd chips are cheap and 8 gigs of ram is even cheaper, yes even GDdr ram. Sure you can't buy them but that is besides the point we all know and is bucket cheap. Then lets not forget the wiiu is a IBM/amd collaboration. So they are pretty similar minus a few bells and whistles if I'm going on tech price along. I wonder what is going to happen when the ps4 apu hits the market belowe $100 or barely above it? DVD/blue ray players are $40 last PC I built and that was even a writable drive. We are talking very weak computing machines using ccheap parts and are gpu heavy. Then couple the fact that laptops have way more power and comes with their own screen, some are detachable just like the wiiu.

So tech wise you maybe getting over charged but that isn't why we buy consoles now is it? We buy them for the games.

Put simply if Nintendo made a Nintendo club service that let you play all vc games or a large selection then it would be very similar to what Sony is offering. I would only want a few of the games on Sony's list so far and vanquish is one of them.

If Nintendo offered let's say the wiifit in an action bundle with wiifit plus, nintendoland, some form of Wii sports, and mario3d for $400 that would get a lot of casuals. Or a Mario overload bundle with HD galaxy1 and 2 for digital download with nsmb1 and the wiiu version and the Luigi dlc all for 350 with Mario 3d land being a limited time bonus.

Bundles and free games is the way it seems. Its like you guys want it but are a little cheap. The wiiu is going to be the secondary system to get. This will put it neck and neck with the other two along.

Yet you guys are looking for a price reduction. That would not increase the value but it would help you purchase a wiiu. We all know you are going to get a wiiu but you might not be able to afford it after a ps4. That is understandable, yet trolling it is not going to get you any where.

Nintendo has potentially two 20 million sellers coming. Wiifit u and any one of the following... [ 3d Mario, dk freeze, wiiu party], and then pikman and w101 should follow. Then you have the crack that is mariokart 8 and smash bros along.

Tech wise you have a portable almost wireless monitor that functions like a wacom intious which is $999 and the wireless tech is $200 a pop. With ful digital movie viewing. Along with aux gaming ability and screened control options.
N4g_null  +   951d ago
@the guys saying you have to buy extra stuff for the wiiu...

Really it sold 100 million and you don't have one? Fanboy much?

All the controllers are supported except the pro controller I believe. Even the balance board doesn't have to be rebought. That is a huge savings since the board was $200 last time I looked 20 million of those where sold. Seaport came with the plus and around 20 million of those where sold and you can play your old Wii games. Any old USB or sata based drive works on this thing. If you are really a gamer you still have this stuff laying around yet you can't use any of that on the ps4 and you have to pay for online. second screen support comes from the Vita for over $200 and pseye is sold separately.

I'll get a ps4 when they have some thing I want but right now its a meh console at best.
Firan  +   952d ago
By your logic PS4 costs pretty much the same as Xbox One then.
wishingW3L  +   952d ago
PS4 = $50 more than Wii U
XB1 = $100 more than the PS4
meganick  +   952d ago
PS4 = $50 or $100 more than Wii U.

There, I fixed your stat. Contrary to popular N4G opinion, the Wii U Basic model has not been discontinued.
Klad  +   952d ago
No it doesn't. The PS4 is £100 more than the premium Wii U here in the UK!

Wii U - £245

PS4 - £349

XBox One - £429
PrimeGrime  +   952d ago
You can blame Europe for that.

Only $50 dollars more here since they don't sell any 8GB Wii U's at any of my local games stores anymore. The only one they have is the $349 model now.

So yea here it is very close to the Wii U's price tag. Considering the massive hardware differences it really shouldn't even be so close.
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Sam Fisher  +   952d ago
I think the ps3 and x360 were sold new again it still make more money than wii u on preoders, f$&k it probably wii can sell better than wiiu
aceitman  +   952d ago
Well the wii u is not worth the price with a 8 and 32 gig with the ps4 having a 500 gig. the extra gig puts the ps4 at a better price.
Protagonist  +   952d ago
The hardware an the free software makes the PS4 a bargain.
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PigPen  +   952d ago
Playstation 4 is at a better price and selling at a crazy lost. PS4 only does everything like online with a price tag. What currently was free without the plus in it is now just plus. Wii U is worth its price and not losing much on hardware. Buying one game put the Wii U in green. Sony hasn't learned a thing from the Playstation 3. And although the PS3 was a success, they just not be as lucky this time around. You know, go the way of Sega.
Ju  +   952d ago
Why are we even argue about that? Get a 500GB PS3 for $299 - has free online.

We are talking next gen here. What has that to do with the WiiU?
CalvinKlein  +   952d ago
ps4 might.
toshan  +   952d ago
the author name is mii-gamer obviously he is a wii fanboy and he is jalous of the ps4
PigPen  +   952d ago
Why should he be jealous of the PS4. There are still Playstation 4 consoles in stock. You just hate to hear truth.
devwan  +   952d ago
PigPen, you've said this before, but why do you think that ps4 availability is such a bad thing? Sony aren't sitting on a warehouse of ps4s nobody wants, far from it. They are proving they can produce the machine in *massive* quantities for launch around the world. They've told certain retailers to "open the floodgates" - basically take as many pre-orders as humanly possible.

There's no struggling to produce units as some would suggest ms are suffering with and there is no fake supply shortage to boost demand/hype as certain manufacturers have done in the past to hit the news headlines as it's a very different world now and having more units out there in the hands of gamers will do more for publicity than any of those old tired stunts could.
Prime_28  +   952d ago
How old are you 5? lol
_QQ_  +   952d ago
Why would he be jealous,logic says he can just buy one later if he wants one.Did you even read the article, or is that another skill you lack?
stuna1  +   952d ago

You didn't just say that there are still alot of PS4's in stock did you!? It's already common knowledge that pre-orders for PS4's have been opened up, meaning retailers can accept unlimited pre-orders!

Then you're basing an argument on something that hasn't even hit retailers yet! The WII U has been out how long know? Yet it's still sitting on retailers shelves as well as warehouses.
warewolfSS  +   952d ago
What do you know... First comment is a insecure playstation fanboy defending his console..
dark-hollow  +   952d ago
Are gamers have very short memory or what?

Same thing has been said about the 3ds, and how matching the vita price is a suicide for Nintendo. Fast forward two years later when it had a price cut and a solid library of games and it became the best selling gaming device right now.

All the Wii u need is a price cut and for a good library of games. Its still didn't pass it first year for Christ sake!
TongkatAli  +   952d ago
3DS is just competing with the Vita and the 3DS is below 200$, it's not the same thing. The Wii U will get a boost from sales, but not at the same level as the 3DS.

If that were the case it would be selling better not getting outsold by the Vita, Wii and PSP in Japan and Europe. The 3DS was never selling horribly, never that low.

The Wii U this holiday is competing with the PS3, 360, Xbox One and PS4.

Maybe much later down the road sales will explode, idk, but this holiday Grand Theft Auto 5 and next gen is taking the holiday thunder.
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esemce  +   952d ago
Yes the WIIU price really is a joke now we have the PS4 price, Nintendo WILL drop the price before Xbone and PS4 are released.
PigPen  +   952d ago
PS4 price really is a joke considering Sony financial trouble. Nintendo will not drop the Wii U price and has publicly stated that. Nintendo has always believed in selling its hardware at a profit. Wii U is the first console selling at a lost but not by much. Buying one game with the Wii U will put the Nintendo console in green. Sony is looking to double down like current gen out of desperation.
RGDubz  +   952d ago
@ Qrhpe

It's pretty much $349 for a console with current-gen tech vs $399 for a console with next-gen tech.

Tough choice!! <sarcasm>
Sincere0121  +   952d ago
_QQ_  +   952d ago
All of the consoles have current gen tech, My PC has next gen tech, PS4/Xone have current gen tech. Get your numbers straight, its 500$ after tax for ps4 and pretty much necessary online, and 350$ after tax for a basic wiiu with upgraded HDspace. Plus with Wiiu you get an innovative control method while with ps4/xone you get a severely, pathetically, disgustingly outdated PC with a brand name on it :).
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PigPen  +   952d ago
Wii U is only $50 dollars cheaper then the Playstation 4, but that is no major problem. I wouldn't even call it a problem. This article called Sony fanboys out with truth. Sony doesn't have that type of star power like their first two consoles and get lesser buy the generation. All this Sony already won talk reminds me of the Vita.
andrewsqual  +   952d ago
I can tell you as of now that the PS4 has in Ireland.
And the Wii U as far as I am aware was €420 here for the version of the console that everybody wanted when it launched so YES the PS4 is an incredible price at €399.99
greenlantern2814  +   952d ago
The wiiu is selling poorly it was out sold by the vita last month and you all always say the vita is dead.
3.2 million in sales and currently selling less than 40 thousand a month. So if this trend continues it will sell about 3.5 million by the launch of ps4,Xbox1.
Now these systems are going to be in high demand with limited quantities so they most likely not out sell what the wiiu has done in a year but what about a year from now. Then let us which system has sold the most.
And for all the Nintendo fans that think the wiiu is doing well even Nintendo says they know it hasn't. And why if it is powerful, and not over priced with such a great line up why has it done better?
Maybe if there was an actual marketing campaign they might do better. But just because the 3ds rebounded doesn't mean the wiiu will.
PrimeGrime  +   952d ago
I am not even being blind or bias but with how poorly the Wii U is selling it is very likely that those pre-orders actually just might.
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deafdani  +   952d ago
That just shows you didn't read the article, and congratulations, you're just one of these mindless people that just make silly comments without taking REALITY into account. Exactly the kind of people the author of the article is calling out.

Here's the picture, dude: no matter how slow the Wii U's sales have been, the fact remains that it's sold more than 3 million units worldwide to date.

To think that Sony and Microsoft will manage to sell, DAY ONE, that many consoles in PREORDERS alone is incredibly naive. To have 3 million consoles available for preorder, how many consoles do you think there needs to be in stores? 5 million? 10 million?

Do you seriously think Sony and Microsoft have made so many for launch day?

Don't be so naïve.
KwietStorm  +   952d ago
PsychOff  +   952d ago
Umm I don't think you understand how pre-orders work. By the time the PS4 and Xbox One are out everyone will have had their pre-orders paid off and many will have probably sooner.

So it won't matter what the stock is like. It is practically a no brainer that they won't have enough stock to fill every pre-order. That you are a right about but the money will still be there is the point which count towards sales.

Amazon put up that Xbox One and PS4 are selling 2,500 pre-orders per minute combined. Knowing that they have already exceeded millions of pre-order sales.

Do the math. You shouldn't be so gullible.
PrimeGrime  +   952d ago
You talk to me like I am not one of those 3 million people who purchased one. Don't blame me for Nintendo's poor decisions.
RedHawkX  +   952d ago
sony makes 1 million ps4 consoles a month started this month or last. in october they will have 4 million ps4 novemeber 5 million. all those consoles will be sold out day one. nintendos one year head star obliterated in one sales week. i say week because thats how long it will take for us to know the sales and because people order online and such.

and i like how people say people arent willing to spend a lot of money on consoles yet are going to spend 500 dollars on the most expensive console xbox one and its the weakest console and no one wants it. xbox one will not be the go to console dont expect anyone to be playing on it like the xbox 360. dont understand why you guys cant get that through your thick skulls. ps4 is where everyone will be gaming and playing multiplats and exclusives. xbox has like 3 exclusives max the rest of those gamers are gonna be on pc and ps4. dont understand what some of you are thinking but then again you probably arent thinking at all.
#2.1.4 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
aceitman  +   952d ago
And dont forget sony is doing a world wide release not just the usa or uk so it will be in the miliions the question remanes if the ps4 can sell as many one day launch than the wii u life time sales .there is a slight chance.
jcnba28  +   952d ago
I'm not being a blind fanboy either but there is no chance that the PS4 or X1 can outsell the Wii U. No chance whatsoever. Stop the wishful thinking.
mcstorm  +   952d ago
I don't see the ps4 or Xbox one out selling the Wiiu at the start and I think people will be shocked when then they see how slow sales are for the ps4 one Xbox one. I am getting an Xbox one on day one but we just need to look at the psv 3ds and Wiiu to see people are still not spending high amounts of money on consoles and it will not be until later in next gen the console sales pick up. People also need to remember the big name games like fifa, gt6, cod, bf4 ect are still coming out for the 360 and ps3 and because of this people will carry on getting the current gen consoles.

I am expecting Nintendo to drop the price of the Wiiu once Mario kart comes out and this will help start the boom of the next gen consoles. Once the big name games stop for the ps3 and 360 the one and ps4 sales will pickup and ide expect a price drop to.

People on here seem to forget that last gen the ps3 and 360 were also slow starters the Wii sold like hot cakes for 2 reasons 1 because it had a wow factor but also because of the low price to.
OldGirl  +   952d ago
How stupid is that you would assume anything of the sort? You can read the future or something now I suppose? To say it could never is completely idiotic, in the same way people say the Wii U will never sell more.
RetardedIceCream  +   952d ago
sony and micro cannot afford to spend billions just to make like 5 million console before launch, especially since sony has finally made a profit after 2 years
RGDubz  +   952d ago
Yes, because Microsoft & SONYs revenue only come from their console sales.. they generate no money from anywhere else especially SONY who doesn't make stereos, cameras, HDTVs, Music, Movies and countless other products, there's just no way they could ever afford it. <again, more sarcasm>
#3.1 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RetardedIceCream  +   952d ago
then why havent they done it before
RGDubz  +   952d ago
Why they haven't is completely irrelevent to what you said because you said "they couldn't afford to" when it's obvious both companies can easily afford it..
#3.2 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
310dodo  +   952d ago
I Actually read the article.

I could be inclined to believe his position on this subject.
Based on history, and I have fully paid off a PS4.
But I truly believe these launches Could be historic.
2 new powerful systems releasing in 1 holiday season.
The world is connected and news travels quickly etc...

they could sell Millions and Millions now adays
#4 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
RetardedIceCream  +   952d ago
he said he didnt believe preorders alone will surpass the wii u in sales, not that its never going too
Jay70sgamer  +   952d ago
The wii and the playstation 3 arrived the same year and same month so this not some historic event to say two consoles that are arriving the same time is gonna cause some historic event smh
PositiveEmotions  +   952d ago
It already did didnt it?
HG_69   952d ago | Spam
Parapraxis  +   952d ago
Yay, my comment is on there! haha.

Nice to see the author left out the fact that I own a damn WiiU.
toshan  +   952d ago
the ps4 is 900% more powerfull and 10 times better (exclusives, controler , ps+,software,hardwarw...) than the wii u and only 33% more expensive so ps4.
So i think The PS4 (but not xbox one) will surpass the Wii U on pre-orders alone.
meganick  +   952d ago
It's statistically impossible for PS4 or X1 to outsell Wii U's first-year sales at launch from preorders. By the time they launch, Wii U will have sold 4 to 5 million systems. I don't think any console has ever reached 1 million sales at launch, much less 4 to 5 million. Sony and MS probably won't even have that many systems available at launch. I know it's fun to root for your system of choice, but not at the expense of logic.
2pacalypsenow  +   952d ago
Maybe Wii u sales are so low because everyone is waiting for Ps4 and xbox 1? just cuz wii sold good doesn't mean Wii u will do the same motion controls bubble has burst
PLAYWATCH  +   952d ago
The way it's going, I wouldn't be surprised if Wii U does not make it. It's been absolutely horrible for the Wii U.
2pacalypsenow  +   952d ago
if the vita outsold the wii u last week then its bad
jcnba28  +   952d ago
Don't worry fanboy they'll be fine. They are loaded you know, unlike sony.
PLAYWATCH  +   950d ago
You guys are honestly going to sit there and tell me Wii U is in ok shape?

If it's this bad without PS4 and Xbone on the market, do you think it will improve or reduce their chances after their launch? It's pretty obvious to me.
devwan  +   952d ago
Looking at Amazon UK's xbox one pre-orders so far, it's not going to do do very well with pre-orders at all.

While the ps4 is the 3rd best selling video game item of 2013 so far (behind only TLOU and Live Gold), the xbox one is a long way back at number 47 (day one) and 71 (standard edition). To put that into context, the xbox one has so far sold less than the ABBA dance game on Wii or the 3DS power adapter... it's clearly not going to come anywhere near matching the Wii U sales so far, it might not even match its sales for that particular month judging by that.
#10 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
McScroggz  +   952d ago
Did an article really need to be written about this? People in comments say silly things all the time, I don't think it warrants a rebuttal.

And also, while the PS4 has no chance of outselling the Wii U's lifetime sales in just a month, this author is clearly biased while calling out biased commenters. Keep it objective or don't use the "B" word.
windblowsagain  +   952d ago
PS4 with outsell all.


I think wii u is a nice system, slightly more powerful then PS3/360.

But graphically it cannot compete with PS4, then xboxone.

It is not possible.

But Mario kart looks excellent and so does ryse.
GABRIEL1030  +   952d ago
"community that believe that the PS4 and Xbox One will outsell the Wii U (i.e sales to date) on pre-orders alone"

Never say never, this could be possible, PS3 and Xbox have more than 150 millions of fans and there are a huge and hungry market, because we have old machines of 8 years and a great percentage of the gamers want a next gen machine. I never bought a console in its launch, but the good price of PS4, my Plus subscription, not DRM, not always online, maybe I'll do it, simply I cant wait to play games like Destiny, Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadow Fall.

Also dont forget that PS4 and Xbox One are breaking Amazon's pre-orders records.

"In total, PS4 and Xbox One orders during the week of E3 beat console orders from the same period in 2012 by 4,000 percent"

source: Read more:
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paulcek  +   952d ago
Why are people arguing about the PS4 and Wii U's worth and value?? Everyone knows that the PS4's power is WAY WAY better than the Wii U's, and it's only 50 bucks more.

The article was about preorders. The Wii U has sold about 3.5 million global right? It does seem pretty impossible that the PS4 or Xbox One has 3.5 million in preorders. I mean, 600,000 sales in 1 week is supposed to be PHENOMENAL already. And if there are that many preorders, there might be a hardware shortage, unless Microsoft and Sony are prepared, which no one really knows.

So it's pretty hard to surpass Wii U sales in preorders alone, well it's not impossible either.

As for total sales, I believe that the PS4 will outsell the wii u.
#14 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
danny818  +   952d ago
People need to realize that nintendo faithful are budget gamers. When i say that in a non offensive way. Reason being is that they are used to low cost products. Sony and microsoft faithful are used to premium prices. Thats why wiiU is suffering. Along with no games and casual unnapeal
Blueskysonic   952d ago | Spam
Concertoine  +   952d ago
Time for basic math.
wii u deluxe: 349.99
online is free
comes with a game
349.99 plus tax

PS4 399.99
+50 for online
+60 for a game
510 dollars plus tax

Xbox one 499.99
+60 for xbox live
+60 for a game.
620 plus tax

even when you dont include a second controller, the wii u is significantly cheaper. i could buy a wii u which already comes with a game, and then add another 2 games and a $35 dollar online store card and it'll still cost 5 bucks less than a ps4 + a game + online.
Citizen_King  +   952d ago
You might want to not include having to buy a game for PS4. Besides the tfour free to play titles coming out (Blacklight, Warframe, DCUO and Planetside 2) you also get a version of DriveClub with plus. Playroom is also included so you don't really need to buy a game right away.

Honestly, since f2p games aren't behind a paywall you don't need Plus right sway either. It all depends on what game you want at launch.
cee773  +   952d ago
*Wii U $350.00
External Hard-drive
$50-100 Depending on size
Game $60
(who the hell wants to play nintendoland)
and if thats the case
$350, 410, 460(Ecternal HDD) or 500(External Hdd)

ps4 has many FTP games @ launch hell you dont even need ps+ to play those online

Ps4 $400
PS+ $17 3 months, $50 Year(Drive Club Free Btw)
Game $60
$400, 417(PS+ Drive Club+ etc), 477(PS+ 3months Drive Club + , or 510(PS+ Year Drive Club+, and A Game 510

Plus tax
saint_seya  +   952d ago
Your logic so flawed..
PS4 399.99 with free mmos
SO ps4, 399.99.
There u go.. u can buy a ps4 and without expending a single cent more u can be playing. TRY AGAIN
bobacdigital  +   951d ago
The free to play games you are getting with the ps4 through PS+ will still cost you additional money... You need to purchase cars and tracks to get what you want out of the game.. otherwise it is going to be a shallow demo.

Also , I think people are underestimating what parents are going to think when they go into a store to buy a new console... If someone goes into gamestop and wants to get a gift .. They are going to look for the system that doesnt cost that as much as the other.. Most parents dont know console specs or what xbox live is...

They are going to see the PS4 at 399 and the X1 at 499.. then the guy at gamestop is going to say ... "You will need a game.. and if you want online you will need spend additional money.. oh and if you want two player spend more."

With the Wii U they will see the deluxe at 349.99 and it will already come with a game and free online... Game stop guy will say "You will need another controller for two player.. want a wii mote?" At this point a parent may say .. hey dont we already have that from our other Wii??

Of course this is assuming most parents arent educated or a child hasnt specifically requested a ps4 or x1 (Or if they will realize the Wii U is a new Wii lol)... Do we assume most people buying the console can afford to buy it themselves? Because honestly asking a parent to spend 400 to 600 bux is asking a lot...
Blueskysonic   952d ago | Spam
smokeyjoekenobi  +   952d ago
well, certainly the most balanced comments I've read on N4G. So in summary PS4 > God! Am I right kids?
Major_Bogart74  +   952d ago
wii u is dead.Nintendo will be the next sega. it was a nice run
Prime_28  +   952d ago
Aww look at the fanboy, how cute.
AWBrawler  +   952d ago
anybody saying Wii U will be the next SEGA, is just wishful thinking. I think I'll bookmark this one so I can come back and laugh after they both launch.
bobacdigital  +   952d ago
PS4 and the x1 are going to cannibalize each other sales this holiday season. They aren't going to launch as successfully as they have in the past. Also we don't even know if Nintendo or retailers are going to slash prices of the Wii u come holiday season.
o-Sunny-o  +   951d ago
Wii U contents from when I got it. It has Cradle charge, Wii U console 32gb, Gamepad, hdmi, and ac adaptor for 349.99 (without tax). PS4 comes with PS4 console 500gb, ac adaptor, headset, and DS4 controller for $399.99 (without tax). I think Wii U is worth it but we really need some games now. I enjoy Miiverse but I can only draw so much. I'll be getting PS4 day One. I'll wait on Xbox One till something interesting to me. ^~^ Sorry for bad English.
bobacdigital  +   951d ago
I think people are underestimating the value of what you get with the Wii U.

Console: 500
Online Play:60
Total: 620

Value here is the Kinect and robustness of Live and exclusives from MSFT.

Console: 400
Online: 60
Game: 60
Total: 520 (add additional 60 for motion gaming)

You do get bonus value here because PSN+ will be giving you free to play games.. Also exclusives from Sony.

Wii U
Console: 350
Online: Free
Game: Free (Bundled)
Total: 350 (add 50 for 500 gig external HD)

Value here is backwards compatibility (Games and accessories), Miiverse, Built in two screen gaming, free game and internet out the box.. Obviously exclusive Nintendo titles add value as well

You do loses some value because of Hardware capabilities like hard drive size and processing power along with third party support down the line.

The reality of the situation is the X1 and PS4 will cost you 100 dollars or more on day 1 compared to the Wii U Deluxe. Everyone keeps saying the PS4 is only 50 more... it is actually more than that when you include what you are not getting..

I do agree that a price drop will help them create more value and should be done.

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