Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Confirmed To Have Dual Audio "This just in from Japan Expo 2013 in France. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World has just been confirmed to have dual audio for its Western releases."

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RmanX10001991d ago

oh boy.... here come the fanboys to sing praises to the gods above.... No but in all seriousness im glad this is an option. Never played Symphonia but i know that i hated Lloyd's voice in New World. So i'll probably use this option for that XD

DEATHxTHExKIDx1991d ago

In ToS Lloyds english VA was different from Dawn of a new world and fit pretty well.

Xof1991d ago

Always nice to have options.

Though, IIRC, the Symphonia dub was pretty good.

Honestly, what I prefer is the option for Japanese text. It really helps me with my kanji studies. Well, I say "really" but mean "kinda."

Every little bit helps.

LaZyEnErGeTiC1991d ago

I can't believe some people are complaining about this. If you think dual audio sucks then at least respect those who actually like it.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1991d ago

Good feature but I personally am not to hung up on English or Japanese audio.

Inception1991d ago

I'm waiting Yi-Long response who always said he/she doesn't want to buy any Tales games if Namco not put dual-dub in western version. And here we are, it's official Namco will put dual-dub FOR THE 1ST TIME in Tales series. I hope you, Yi-Long, will buy Tales of Symphonia Chronicles without any excuse!