Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days | Expansive

After Telltale Games released the episodic hit that was The Walking Dead, anyone who played the game was aching for more content. Telltale listened to the hungry fans and provided them with the content they requested, 400 Days. However, some might be displeased when they realise the bonus episode isn’t a direct continuation of the story that stole the hearts of so many players.

This shouldn’t put anyone off playing the DLC, though. Telltale have created a short storyline that sort-of acts as a Prologue to seasons 1 and 2, whilst presenting all of the new situations and characters in an entertaining and pleasing way.

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EPiCDiNGO1991d ago

Cant wait for this :) I loved the first season of the game.

ziggurcat1991d ago

it wasn't as good as the original series of 5... hopefully, though, it was just the beginning of this storyline.

EPiCDiNGO1991d ago

I am waiting for it to hit the Xbox live arcade tomorrow and will be picking it up :)

CaptainYesterday1991d ago

Very good DLC but very short and it left me with a few unanswered questions I guess they did that so we get excited for season 2.

Jockamo1991d ago

nice teaser episode...lots of unanswered questions