This PS4 Retail Display Mock Up Is an Awesome Glimpse on The Future

Want a glimpse on what you could see in your favorite game retailer a few months from now? Look no further, as Sony just released a couple pictures of a mock up retailer display for the PS4 and its games line-up.

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tarbis1962d ago

Daym... I'm seeing blue. XD

Abriael1962d ago

I have a feeling many will, come november. I know I will at least.

komp1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Wow am I glad I pre-ordered.

If I walked in there to pick up the Ps4 then I would be walking out with those headphones and whole load of other stuff I can't even make out in the pics...

Damn, it looks niiice.

Ezz20131962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

even the goddamn batman is seeing blue XD

Kevin ButIer1962d ago

wow nice... better than that sewer green MS used for the One... flamebait aside i think the 360 green tone was way better...

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CanadianTurtle1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

It's funny they chose blue because it is proven in psychology that seeing the color blue actually stimulates "happy thoughts" in the brain.

AnteCash1962d ago

and green induces vomiting lately.

Soldierone1962d ago

So happy they ditched the Red from PS2 "greatest hits." Hated that color lol

Y_51501962d ago

@soldierone So would you like them to go back to the even worse green greatest hits from the PSOne days? :P

1962d ago
chrismichaels041962d ago

If Sony really wanted to show us an accurate mock up of the PS4 retail display...all of those shelves should be empty because every store is going to continue selling out of PS4 games and consoles. Lol

1962d ago
donman11961d ago

My PS4 pre-order already in... Blue looks Brilliant.

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MizTv1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Don't want to play it
Saving that moment for launch night

Abriael1962d ago

Blue is the new black :D

And the fact that the PS4 is blue and black doesn't hurt either...

1962d ago
DarkBlood1962d ago

its blue and black did they change the color of the console now?

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1962d ago

im blue if i was green i would die

TuCk3rO1962d ago

if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die.... lol

DragonKnight1962d ago

+Bubbles to both of you for nostalgic excellence.

Inception1962d ago

I can't imagine Sonic with green skin XD

Abriael1962d ago

I can, and it's kinda disturbing...

FamilyGuy1962d ago

I can, and his hand is covering his mouth because he's sick and it's full of barf.

Kinda like those old underwater levels when he's drowning.

Ezz20131962d ago

if i'm green ....then i'm angry

you don't want to make me angry

blue is where i'm clam and happy

FrightfulActions1962d ago

Looks good. Now if Xbox One's are green all we'd need is a red isle and the "Artistic Vision Games" store will be complete.

Abriael1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Nintendo could be red... that's Mario's color after all.

Firan1962d ago

Plus Nintendo's logo was red for a long time until they changed it to grey.