'Plants Vs Zombies 2' premium content, in-app purchases detailed

Plants Vs Zombies 2's premium content has been revealed.

Aside from a small number of plants, all content in the free-to-play sequel will be fully playable without spending money.

Four plants from the original - Squash, Jalapeno, Snow Pea, Torchwood - as well as the new Power Lily, which spawns a new currency named plant food, must be purchased with real currency to unlock.

As well as standalone purchases, each will be available as part of bundles with coins and upgrades, such as a bonus plant slot or additional starting sunlight.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but PopCap's "intention" is to see each plant cost around $1 (69p).

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Godlovesgamers1962d ago

The free to play model is a greedy game ruiner, plain and simple. Just present me with a complete version of the game, a price tag and let me enjoy the game without having you try to nickel and dime me every 5 minutes.