Xbox One November Launch & Hardware Bundle Contents Confirmed

Following the revelation of a fact sheet detailing the launch day offerings of the Xbox One console shortly after its announcement, a debate has raged as to the decision not to include a headset. Today it’s been confirmed that this decision has been reversed, as an updated list of the contents has been revealed.

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MizTv1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

They seem to be Reversing alot

Foxgod1511d ago

It would have been reversing if the X1 was already out, and they came back on their decisions.

This is simply a change of plan, nothing had been set in stone yet.
For example, if MS would decide a couple of year down the line to stop kinect from being mandatory (doubt they ever will, and i dont want them to), then that would be a reversal.

Septic1511d ago

Yay! Wired headset included. Thank God for that because it seemed like a stupid decision otherwise.

But still...I need an adapter for my Turtle Beach PX5.

zeal0us1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

While "change of plans" would be the phrase to describe this situation, "reversing" could also be the word to describe this situation. See as MS did say that the Xbox One wouldn't include a headset and now it does.

There isn't some magically universal law that states this situation only be describe with only one word or phrase. If you were writing a term paper your professor more than likely wouldn't care which you term or phrase you use, so long as you as your sentence is worded correctly.

Regardless its good to see that MS is listening to the feedback.

B-radical1511d ago

Could be the work of Julie Larson-Green ;)

MikeMyers1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

"Regardless its good to see that MS is listening to the feedback."

It is good and they know they have a lot of hard work ahead of them after the controversy over some of the things they wanted to implement and the fact Sony undercut them by $100.

What people should take note of on the forums are those who are offering constructive criticism and destructive criticisms. Two vastly different viewpoints. One wants the Xbox One to be the best product possible while the other side never really wanted the system in the first place and will continue to try and pick apart any weakness so that their preferred choice is always looking better.

I don't expect them to ever drop the Kinect camera but I do expect a price drop rather quickly (within the first year) if sales are slow. Microsoft can afford to do that more than the other two companies (example being the Wii U and Vita getting price cuts).

nukeitall1511d ago

Well this is a nice surprise, but I won't likely use the headset when I can use the included Kinect One.

The sound cancellation technology to reduce noise from your TV or game is incredible based on the tech demos shown.

If you still want the headset, fine, but I will be rocking it with Kinect enjoying the future! :D

RedSoakedSponge1511d ago


is it possible for a link of that video please? :)

i have been wondering about how good the sound cancellation is on it for a while now.

hopefully it would still work when you have the volume up high, otherwise its pretty unusable for me.

JokesOnYou1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Wow that's great news if true but the reason it wasn't included initially is because you can use Kinect as your mic of course its not a necessity but its a plus.

nukeitall1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )


Your wish just came true! Awesome noise cancellation using new Kinect technology:

gamertk4211510d ago

@bradical. I can see her coming into the room like a mom and saying "what the hell is going on here, kids?". Changes ensue.

n4rc1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I've said this a hundred times already..

Ignore the fanboy bs. The exclusive argument is crap.. Fanboys can't comprehend that some ppl don't give a crap about uncharted... And they just assume what both companies will do in the future

Kinect isn't a add on like this gen.. Its part of the system..

DRM is part of life... It already exists.. Ms just tried to streamline the process and all the kiddies complained.. Acting like Sony is against DRM or they didnt want their camera included as well just makes you look stupid really...

They did what they could to beat ms in the preorder race... Which still didn't happen if you read a non Sony Fanboy site..

People are just gullible as all hell

awesomeperson1510d ago

The OXMUK twitter account stated that an official Microsoft PR rep stated that as far as he knows, the plans remain unchanged.

So either the PR rep doesn't know, the distributor simply got it wrong, or it was meant to be confirmed at some other time and this is some sort of leak.

Only time will tell.

I personally find it strange how MS included a headset with the 360, but not with the X1. So it would not be surprising if they did reverse and include one.

redwin1510d ago

This is great, more choices, I would use the kinect but my son would not and that why he did not want the xboxone but now he likes it. What a difference a $20 piece of equipment does. Lol.

Bigpappy1510d ago

This is a good move. Now everything you need is in the box. No need to go back to the store until the next next-gen.

Good move by M$. They have always done this, so it was expected by those who bought any of the previous systems.

malokevi1510d ago

This is great news. OPTIONS! I'll be using the Kinect for my limited communications anyways. but, its nice to know that those people who thought leaving the mic out was a big deal will be pacified and, hopefully, satisfied.

I know I will be.

sigfredod1510d ago

IF MS says in publich that for the comunication the kinect is included, yes is a reverse on their plans to include a headset

Imalwaysright1510d ago

@ Mike You wanted the X1 to be worst. You were here defending DRM. If MS listened to the likes of you and went ahead with their DRM policies they would have destroyed the Xbox brand.

1510d ago
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medman1510d ago

This just in...Microsoft has reversed it's decision to reverse itself, thereby reversing the reversal of reversings. I can't make it any more clear than that.

CrimsonStar1510d ago

I have a felling no matter what MS does you would never be satisfied.

LAZL0-Panaflex1510d ago

They should go back to DRM GMO so we can do that family sharing 10 people same game. That was the best idea ever. They need to reverse the policy to the third power! I want that family sharing deluxe. Cloud is good. I like cloud.

Don Mattrick left because Microsoft couldn't handle his massive hands!

Syntax-Error1510d ago

So they changed policies before the release of the console and you call it weakness? Sony changed policies and structure before the announcement and you call it LISTENING TO THE GAMER, so I don't understand why we shouldn't label you a fanboy?

If MS listened to the community and removed DRM, forced the resignation of the douche bag that imposed it, offered free games on their online network monthly, and offered a power system with a great bundle of call that weakness? I call that a company saying "WE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR"

insomnium21510d ago


Good effort though. Have a cookie.

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MizTv1510d ago

And I never said it was a bad thing

ClosedUnknownz1510d ago

Micro$oft is only delaying inevitable.

360ICE1510d ago

Aren't we all just delaying the inevitable?

Syntax-Error1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

What's the inevitable? Ummm, no one has won the console war yet, because not ONE DAMN CONSOLE HAS BEEN SOLD. The term is PRE-ORDERED which can be switched at any given time for no amount of money. Secondly, It's 4 months until the first console is sold and any company can do whatever they want at this point. MS doesn't have to change it's price because you're cheap, but they can offer you a pack-in title to sweeten the pot. $100 doesn't break the wallet of a man willing to spend $400

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SniperControl1510d ago

X1's official distributors Gem Distribution Ltd list this as an extra accessory.

Nafon1510d ago

Don Mattrick probably thought we wouldn't mind if he took things away and made things complicated, but the fans did mind. a lot.