Xbox One: 'Advertising Is Part Of The Actual Experience'

NowGamer: "Microsoft could use the new and improved Kinect to target adverts to its users on the Xbox One.

Many gamers already have concerns over the Xbox One's mandatory Kinect functionality, and a recent comment from Microsoft employees could add extra concerns to the pile."

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Need4Game1966d ago

Even if they Advertise Uncensored Porn on Xbox One, I still don't want Advertisement.

TimmyShire1966d ago


To be fair, if I'm paying for Xbox Live I should not have advertising. I pay the BBC TV license for the same reason.

Mystogan1965d ago

If the advertising is targeted at me and not some new Axe deodorant I'm perfectly fine with it.

Like when a new game is on sale. Or when a new game gets released. Recommended games based on what I've played before etc etc. If it's about games. I'm perfectly fine with it, in fact, I actually want advertisements like that.

Ashlen1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I find the more targeted advertising is the creepier it is.

Example: I went out to eat at a restaurant only an hour or two later I was at home surfing the web and google's built in ads were offering me ads for that restaurant even though I had never typed anything about the restaurant into my computer ever.

My best guess is google got my information though my credit card since that was the only identifiable thing I used then looked up my name using there database and served me ads directly to my IP.

That to me is whats creepy, personally I wish congress would block these companies from keeping databases like this.

CrunchKing1966d ago

Yet another reason to buy a PS4

RedSoakedSponge1966d ago

i believe there will be advertising on ps4 too.....

Mystogan1965d ago

PS4 will have advertisements too. Just like everyone.

Ashlen1965d ago

I remember when people kept saying "PS4 will have DRM too".

RedSoakedSponge1966d ago

as long as it is ignorable, i really couldnt give a shit about ads lol.

Lucreto1965d ago

Meanwhile the technical account manager for Xbox Live Advertising that the Xbox One will be an exciting time for the advertising team at Microsoft because the Xbox One is "built with advertising in mind".

I think this pretty much sums up the entire console.

Who cares about video games? It's advertising that matters!

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