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Submitted by Alexious 946d ago | video

Destiny's direct feed gameplay reveal

Activision and Bungie released on YouTube a direct feed, quality version of Destiny's gameplay reveal. Check it out! (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Festano  +   946d ago
I can not wait to come out!!!
Mutant-Spud  +   946d ago
Are you going to have a coming out party with all your friends and family there or will you just elope to the Netherlands and marry your partner then send everyone postcards?:p
eyeDEVOUR  +   946d ago
Lmao...that's what I was thinking
spicelicka  +   946d ago
Festano  +   946d ago
I spoke of the game ......... By Fan of Bungie is a long time since the appearance of E3 and this video has impressed me.
thechosenone  +   946d ago
Anyone know if Destiny will be 30 or 60fps?
BattleTorn  +   946d ago
Maybe it's his ... destiny?
Elwenil  +   946d ago
I'm going to guess that English is not his first language.

But funny all the same. ;D
starchild  +   946d ago

It's 30fps. It was 30fps at E3 and Bungie have said that it will be 30fps.
HammadTheBeast  +   946d ago
That closet must be pretty dark.
MizTv  +   946d ago
That's kind of gay........
English probably isn't his native language...
overlord23  +   946d ago
Out of the closet is it ?
Godmars290  +   946d ago
Know its still in development, but they should do more than repeatedly show the same gameplay from E3.
Wizziokid  +   946d ago
So hyped for this but that commentary was annoying.
mcstorm  +   946d ago
This game looks great and I look forward to getting it on my Xbox one.
Angrymorgan  +   946d ago
Lol @ disagrees
You know you shouldnt swear on n4g.......xb#@on*
GezForce  +   946d ago
This game looks great and I look forward to getting it on my PS4.
Bungie are showing Sony a lot of love lately ;)
Lvl_up_gamer  +   945d ago
I agree...I am getting it on the XB1.

This is clearly a game that will be utilizing MS's cloud service. No doubt the best version, like Titanfall, will be on the XB1. Even Respawn said the XB1 version of Titanfall will be superior to the PC version simply because of the practicle use of MS's Cloud that will not be available for the PC.

Bungie are some of the best developers, no way they will ignore MS's cloud...especially when Destiny is an ALWAYS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET GAME.
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mcstorm  +   945d ago
@Angrymorgan Lol I know this site is becoming a joke when it comes to anything but the PS4. Or maybe a lot of people don't like this game.

@GezForce I agree they are giving Sony some love and im sure it will be good on both consoles.

@Lvl_up_gamer I hope your right. I like the look of what MS are doing with the xbox one that's why im getting it over the PS4 so my gaming will be WiiU and Xbox one and ill get a PS4 later on next gen.

For me though the 1st game I cant wait for on the One is Forza 5 I really like what turn10 are doing with the cloud AI. November cant come quick enough.
shysun  +   946d ago
Looks good so far! I'm ready to see more!
CrossingEden  +   946d ago
the cheesiness of the commentary is seriously making me cringe
"NOOO DARLA" five seconds ago he called her Starla -_- looks nice though, nothing innovative at all but looks nice
spicelicka  +   946d ago
Nothing innovative at all? DO you even know what kind of game this is?
CrossingEden  +   946d ago
a borderline mmo first person shooter scifi game, that sounds fancy and all, but what in this video proved that this game is doing new things, what in this video was something that was never seen before?
spicelicka  +   946d ago
Innovative doesn't have to mean they show something "never seen before". The real innovation has only been mentioned in articles and hasn't been shown yet so i agree partly that this particular video didn't show something brand new never seen.

However, i feel that the seamless transition from a linear small co-op battle to a giant public event with so many players was pretty amazing. Instead of load screen they had a set-piece and players came out of nowhere.

From what i know, the innovation is in how the world is connected. You can be in a corridor shooting one moment and in a pvp battle when you walk out the building. Sure MMO's have done this but it's hard to show innovation sometimes until you experience it. Especially with bungie games, i've always felt the experience speaks louder than videos.
CrossingEden  +   946d ago
guild wars 2 has been doing the seamless set piece transitions since its release, bungie is like ND, they don't do new things, and advertise features and things we've seen before, the thing that makes their games so great is that they take old ideas and polish them to provide us with the greatest possible quality gameplay
spicelicka  +   946d ago
Then i guess it really depends on what you consider innovative. Guild wars is a PC game and it's not a shooter. Bungie may have used the same ideas but incorporating it in a console FPS is something "fresh". Innovative doesn't have to mean something absolutely brand new has to be done, like going from 2d to 3d, but it's often the re-usage of ideas under a different light that keeps things innovative.

And you're right about them taking old ideas and polishing them, but i don't think bungie claimed they were making something never seen before. They said it was something they've personally never done, and they didn't want to classify their game as an MMO so they called it MMOFPS.

I think this is a pointless argument. I feel this games looks really fresh and i'm only imagining the possibilities. If you don't feel the same way that's fine too.
MestreRothN4G  +   946d ago
The gameplay and graphics seems to be top. It really looks like a top tier quality title.

But there's always that one new thing which can ruin any game by itself: in app purchases.

There was no word about this, afaik, and I really hope there is no progression wall to extort money from the biggest fans.
wishingW3L  +   946d ago
where's the direct feed? This is just a Youtube video with capped frame-rate and compressed. These guys need to learn what "direct feed" really means.
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Supermax  +   946d ago
The micro transactions will be similar to world of Warcraft,pets mounts costumes but not a pay to win.
IQUITN4G  +   946d ago
Looks typically excellent in that great Bungie way. If it plays like this as a single play experience as well then I'll certainly be enjoying this, otherwise I guess I'll rule myself out on this one

Bungie has such great writing and voice work on the whole and this should be a great experience. Again though I can't be doing with an only online experience
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MWong  +   946d ago
I cannot wait to see new gameplay footage.
CaptainFaisal  +   946d ago
Guys theirs a petition i started for Mercenaries 3 so that EA can look at it and let a developer work on it. but N4G wouldnt let me submit it because petitions are not allowed here so how do i spread the word? i was hoping that the N4G community would want Merc 3 and would help me with signing it and raise awareness ! TY. I didnt put a link so this does not count as SPAM/ or petition im Just asking how can i submit and raise awareness so that my campaign would raise awareness easy.
MestreRothN4G  +   946d ago
Stopped reading at theirs.
Thomper  +   946d ago
It reminds me of Halo... Hardly surprising I guess and no bad thing
Enemy  +   946d ago
My god, it's beautiful. Day one PS4!
No_Limit  +   946d ago
Yes, Titanfall, Destiny, Halo 5, all coming out in 2014, on dedicated servers, play on the best FPS controller ever; rumble triggers and guns, oh my!! Can't freaking wait!
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GusBricker  +   946d ago
Love that Peter Dinklage is Ghost.
Psychonaut  +   946d ago
It looks cool, but I have learned from decades of gaming NEVER believe the hype of pre-release footage. Things change, games change. I personally wow allow my self to be wowed' with stuff like this but hold judgment until the product is in my system, and I am playing it myself.

All game producers are guilty of pulling fast ones. This game video/ game seems to have heavy influence from the original Borderlands. Also not crazy about the voice acting, it seemed very pg-13 slapstick, Benny Hill comedy.
SatanSki  +   945d ago
Meh, nothing new. Ive done public questing in several mmos and already got bored wit it. I especially dont like parts when several people have to shoot one thing for several minutes. It was fine at first but now feels so generic.
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