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Submitted by SteveDavidWright 951d ago | preview

Gran Turismo 6 - Is It Just GT 5.5?

A few weeks ago, Polyphony Digital celebrated the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo with the announcement of the next game in the series - Gran Turismo 6. My initial reaction was one of confusion - "why so soon?". When I realised that it was being made for the PS3 and not the PS4, I was even more baffled. After going hands-on with the demo that hit the PSN Store in the EU a couple of days ago under the flashy title of "GT Academy 2013", I proved myself right. This is no next-gen racing game or advancement for the series; it might as well be an expansion pack to GT5. (Gran Turismo 6, Next-Gen, polyphony digital, PS3, PS4)

wishingW3L  +   952d ago
if you think this is a small improvement then you don't know anything.
SteveDavidWright  +   952d ago
Let me know why you think it's a huge improvement!
IRetrouk  +   951d ago
Well we could start with the physics and go from there, the new tyre and suspention system really does show in the shift of the cars, body roll and weight transfer are improved too. Then we could go on and talk about how the tracks look great as do the cars and other effects like dirt clouds and tyre smoke, also how the shadows are now a lot more defined and smooth.
nix  +   951d ago
@steve: well... you clearly don't know anything.

"why so soon?"

Forza came out with so many editions within one generation... meanwhile GT is only coming out with two.
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abzdine  +   951d ago
with the DS3 it could feel like a GT5.5 cause the gameplay with a controller doesn't add much immersion to the game, but with a GT wheel it's definitely GT6.
Aerodynamics improved and car behaviour is different from before. Also, the graphics are better and the cockpit view is much more detailed.
LaChance  +   951d ago
FORZA 5 here I come.

PD have dropped the ball this gen. First a very dissapointing GT5 after waiting 6 years now GT 5.5.

What happened after the PS2 era ?

BTW lucky theres almost no Xbox fanboys on this site, I mean just imagine this was Forza 5 we were talking about, it would have been so overcrowded with Sony fantrolls coming in from absoluteley everywhere.
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jimbobwahey  +   951d ago
Oh dear Steve, your article reads like one very bitter Forza fanboy. Maybe you should try dropping the "My toy is better than your toy!" childish insecurities, and perhaps people would take your no-name website a little more seriously.

I mean really, aren't you embarrassed of yourself?
Gamingcapacity  +   951d ago
I would say lets wait till we get our hands on the game. ATM with what we know it deserves to be a sequel. Hundreds of news cars, new track, updated and better UI, better physics, all the standard cars have been improved.
This is before we know the changes to tuning your cars and the improved weather system.

To me it's GT6 but let's get our hands on the game before we can even quaetions it.
yami930  +   951d ago
It has been tradition to release 2 GT games every generation and GT 6 is following that. All the changes are not apparent as of now seeing how the game is not complete yet (graphics especially) but GT6 is no GT5.5 and that will be obvious when the game is released (not obvious when you're ready to review a game by its demo). As with every 2nd GT game on the same generation (GT 2, GT 4) the game gets bigger, more tracks, more cars, more features, better graphics and a lot of little details which add up to a pretty hefty change. For GT6, there are brand new cars being added, more cars going premium, whatever standard cars are left are getting upgrades graphically as well as customizable options, there are brand new tracks, better graphics (new rendering engine, shadows, effects, new lighting system, new blur etc.), new UI, more rock less jazz, new physics (new suspension model and aerodynamics model), new tire model, better engine sounds, better AI, improved online multiplayer options and functionality, shorter load times all around and more, and those are only the things we know about being that Kazunori Yamauchi is saving some news and announcments for Gamescom and TGS. The graphics and other aspects will be even more impressive and stand out when the game is completed and released. Also, something the GT series always has is fan feedback being heard and massive support, such as how GT 5 was shaped by what fans wanted, what they asked for (the inital release of GT 5 was nothing on what it has become, a good game turned great).

Like many others have said, to really feel the difference and get the full experience you need a racing wheel. We all have to wait and see, if you dont like the game after it releases than your completely entitled to your opinion, but I do feel regardless it will be an improvement over GT 5 and should be given a try when done.

Demo GT 5 vs Demo GT 6

Old interview
DA_SHREDDER  +   952d ago
I hated everything about GT5, but GT6 demo is absolutely a different experience.
SteveDavidWright  +   952d ago
Tell me why!
slivery  +   951d ago
Someone already did and you didn't have anything to say back. They elaborated pretty well on many aspects of the games changes.

So as they say if you don't have anything important to say then don't say anything at all. Cause you sure as hell aren't elaborating on anything yourself.
Android  +   951d ago
Thats why I didn't download it. Grand Turismo 5 is so damn perfect I absolutely can not imagine a major improvement this gen. Still, its to early for me to judge as I haven't tried it yet. Looks like I have to draw for the ol logitech wheel again.
Koyes  +   951d ago
GT6 is, IMHO, a more complete GT5. GT5 felt very incomplete, with features being half hearted and the whole game just being lacking as they went with Quantity > Quality. GT6 however rectifies those issues,though not completely because 700 cars are still standard, with 500 being premium
TripC50  +   951d ago
look at time comments were posted. SteveDW in fact didn't receive an answer yet...just sayin
GameCents  +   952d ago
On the subject of menus, why do the guys at PD insist on that mouse clicker looking pointer to navigate the menu?
Is this 1998? As technologically advanced as Japan is, it seems they're stuck in the past when it comes to their UI in most cases.
SteveDavidWright  +   951d ago
Couldn't agree more. I appreciate that the developers may not understand the western kind of UI as much, but for a pad with analogue sticks, it just seems so wrong.
SoapShoes  +   951d ago
What the heck.... Really? The other type of UI used in western AND eastern games have been used since forever. I guess if they did away with the pointer they'd be just as stuck in the 90's but no try to find something to complain about....
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   951d ago
Wow complaining about a pointer in a menu?

You serious?
WitWolfy  +   951d ago
I'll wait for GT 7 on PS4.. Wake me up when it releases...
Hellsvacancy  +   951d ago
Im kinda the same, I wasnt all that impressed with the demo, I mean it was alright

The thing is though with the PS4 on the horizon bundled with DriveClub I think its a little late in the year to release GT6, personally, I dont intend on buying it
ethomaz  +   951d ago
DriveClub will be a couplet different experience... instead a simulatior racing it is a more arcade style.

And I think GT6 is the best choice for driving maniacs.
WitWolfy  +   948d ago

We didnt say GT 6 isnt worth our time, we're saying that we'd rather wait and see what new features a NEXT gen console brings to the franchise instead of a version that should've been everything 5 is as it stands at the moment.
ethomaz  +   951d ago
I loved GT5 but GT6 is in another league... all the improvements makes the driving fantastic... no other sim can give you that feeling over the wheel.

I can't stop to try to beat my own times in the Demo... vicious.
GodGinrai  +   951d ago
I liked the demo,but im not sure ill be buying. All my gaming funds are directed at Ps4 and X1 at this point. Which is why I would have loved a PS4 port at launch.
Mr_Nuts  +   951d ago
Well it's kind of always been like that

GT1 came out on PS1 then GT2 came out with smaller but better features

You saw a HUGE difference next gen

GT3 came out on PS2 then GT4 came out with again small improvements

You saw another HUGE difference next gen

GT5 came out on PS3 and now we are getting GT6

I don't see why people are surprised. The next time we see a huge difference will be next gen with GT7
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neoMAXMLC  +   951d ago
Say what? You clearly haven't been playing Gran Turismo since the beginning. The second installment for every PS platform was a HUGE improvement. It had about 3x the content, features and better graphics compared to its predecessor. GT3 actually had LESS cars compared to GT2 thanks to different hardware. But then GT4 came along and had like double the content even compared to GT2!
Mr_Nuts  +   951d ago
Urm...yes I have

Please don't be that guy who goes all Mystic Meg on someone and knows what they've played and havent played
neoMAXMLC  +   946d ago
Then don't be posting wrong information. :)
vitullo31  +   951d ago
"but if you compare GT6 with the likes of Forza Motorsport 4, it really doesn’t stand a chance".

and now i know the writer of this article is full of shit
blackberty  +   951d ago
It really is just GT5 with a wig.
DoesUs  +   951d ago
Dreadful article. Dreadful "writer". To say something is "exactly the same" when there's a night and day difference, a difference which has been wildly embraced by many enthusiasts. "Doesn't stand a chance against Forza 4"? Can the writer tell me what features Forza 4 has over GT5, and then GT6, though for GT6 he will need to look 5 months in the future.
jimbobwahey  +   951d ago
Ahaha, stupid Forza fanboy writing an article on his crappy no-name website because he's a jealous idiot. How embarrassing.
GameCents  +   951d ago
"The game LOOKS the same if not WORSE than it’s predecessor and does not run as smooth. GT5 was a fairly PRETTY game, but if you compare GT6 with the likes of Forza Motorsport 4, it really doesn’t stand a chance."
Read and comprehend. The author already told you in what regard Forza 4 is better than GT6, the graphics.

You just decided to take a snippet of what he wrote and tried to twist it to drum up support from you brethren.
SoapShoes  +   951d ago
Dude it's really not.... Forza 4 looks great but it has more of a cartoony look whereas GT5 has more realistic colors.
DoesUs  +   951d ago
Who are my Brethren?
JLT-Sandwitch  +   951d ago
"This is no next-gen racing game"

You don't say. Maybe thats because its a PS3 game.
neoMAXMLC  +   951d ago
Considering Forza 5 still lacks night racing, weather and still has reflections running at 30FPS, I wouldn't call that next gen either.
sourav93  +   951d ago
I don't see how he says GT6 doesn't compare to Forza 4, when Forza 4 didn't compare to GT5. Steve, name me 5 things Forza 4 did better than GT5, and then I'll name you 20 GT5 did better than Forza 4.
GameCents  +   951d ago
1.In car view in ALL cars.
2.Variety in cars and not just S2000's and Skylines
3.Over 80 different car car manufactures, the most in any game ever.
4.Quality in detail in all 600 plus cars, no 800 standard filler cars ported from last gen here.
5.Modern and user friendly UI.
6.Varied and smart AI that doesn't follow one racing line come hell or high waters.
7.Cars that all sound like their real life counterparts and not vacuum cleaners.
8.Damage from the onset that does not need to be unlocked once you reach a certain level. Better mechanical damage, ramming a car against a wall at 120 KM/h does engine damage unlike GT5
9.Unparalleled online community features like the storefront, auction house and Rivals mode.
10.Customization on ALL cars and their parts, tires ect.
11.Livery customization
12.Proper usage of Top Gear licence including the track and having the "Reasonably Priced Car"
neoMAXMLC  +   951d ago
I like how 1 and 4 are essentially the same exact thing. Not to mention the cars in Forza 4 were no where near as detailed as the premium cars in GT5. And lol @ 12. "Proper" usage. Okay. Because bowling pins is so Top Gear.
sourav93  +   951d ago
You have definitely NOT played GT5. Or else you wouldn't put points 1,2, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12.
kratoz1209  +   951d ago
Cannot wait for GT6 :D
InTheLab  +   951d ago
And the GT hate

No one ever says this about Forza, NFS, Grid, etc. People just hate Turismo....
Foxgod  +   951d ago
Do you know how often people call Forza, Flopza?
InTheLab  +   951d ago
Forza doesn't sell. No one ever calls it an update despite launching semi-anually and that's my point.

You can't dispute the fact that Forza sells poorly until the holiday Xbox 360 bundles show up. I've bought two 360s and both came packed in with Forza 2 in 07' and Forza 4 last year.

It's one of the most heavily bundled franchise on Xbox. Prior to being bundled with Skyrim, Forza 4 stalled at 1.4m units sold. After the holiday Xbox bundle, it's sitting at 4.5 million.

Now, i'm not saying Forza is a bad franchise, but it does about what most racers do on Xbox and sells poorly in comparison to Gears and Halo.

The reason why people call it a flop is because MS and Turn 10 try to make it a system seller on par with it's only two system sellers and it doesn't work. EU doesn't care about Forza and the US doesn't care about racing in general....

edit: and furthermore, the media loves to compare this game to GT and it's not even close. People are just too passionate about GT, GT planet, GT Academy, etc. If you're going to call a game "king of racers", you can't show up with mediocre sales.
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Koyes  +   951d ago
People always criticise those at the top
Genki  +   951d ago
Well, this article was bound to show up sooner or later. Business as usual for the interwebs.
medman  +   951d ago
I picked up the GT5 XL edition and I was disappointed with it overall. It had alot of cars, to be sure, but the vast majority of those I had no interest whatsoever in driving. Yet, some of the hypercars I was interested in were not available, at least not without purchasing dlc packs. The lack of detail in so many interiors also did not impress. The game felt incomplete, maybe due to the technical limitations of the PS3, as the developer once stated. So I was surprised, and disappointed, to discover that GT6 would be released on the PS3, and not for the PS4. I'm seriously more interested in Drive Club at this point just because it will be something new and hopefully different. I know exactly what to expect from GT6, and it just doesn't appeal to me at this point, especially considering all the next gen gaming greatness right around the corner.
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yewles1  +   951d ago
“why so soon?”
3 years is too soon now? As opposed to a now yearly franchise like Forza?

"When I realized that it was being made for the PS3 and not the PS4, I was even more baffled. "
Two main numbered games per console in a 15 year franchise's pattern is baffling?

"The design of the menus still feel like they’re hanging around in the PS2 era,"
I don't see any looping videos in the background...

"and the way that you scroll through the options with some sort of mouse makes it appear as though it was designed solely for the PC, yet it’s a PlayStation exclusive."
You ever play GT1 or GT2?

"Unfortunately, this is where you’ll notice that nothing has really changed at all."
This is where I stopped reading. You were already owned in ealier comments, but still--altered suspension and handling physics, soft shadowing on cockpits, enhancements to courses like Autumn Ring like leaves kicking up and birds and planes flying overhead, improved graphics in motion blur and resolution and no more screen tear; I'm not even listing ALL the changes here--and yet you still claimed to have played the demo... ROFLMFAO!!!
SteveDavidWright  +   951d ago
Thanks for all the feedback! I know some of you are clearly in a state of dismay over the article, but the whole point of opinion pieces is to create discussion, to create argument - this makes me realize that I've succeeded in that task.

What you must also keep in mind is that my opinion is my own, I never said that any of you had to agree with it - just that you respect it. It's great that some of you disagree with the points I made - it means you've really, properly read the article. And to me that can only be a good thing.

Biggest  +   951d ago
In other words. . .

You made some stuff up in the hopes that people would read your words.

You're on your way, bro! Next stop: Stephen T. Colbert Truthiness Award
Hicken  +   950d ago
You created discussion by being subjective, by baiting people in with falsehoods and such.

I'm sorry, but your article- and the attitude behind it- is bullshit.

You don't foster a mature discourse with lies, Steve. If you want a serious debate, then you have to treat it seriously. That means presenting the facts objectively, even if they don't support your opinion.
kingPoS  +   951d ago
I think the jump will be like GT3 to GT4. In the GT6 demo I can already feel the difference in braking and the shifting of weight.

If anyone say those two don't matter in a racing game - They're WRONG!
LAWSON72  +   950d ago
I agree but I remember when forza 4 got the same changes as gt5 to 6 and it was called forza 3.5 by those gt fanboys
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SteveDavidWright  +   950d ago
Thanks for getting me to the top of the preview page! :D
Hicken  +   950d ago
Seriously? Was this your only purpose? Creating a flamebait article just to get to the top page?

Edit: Can somebody fail this article?
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