Submitted by SethThePirate 634d ago | opinion piece

Saints Row IV: Where and Why it Lost Me

Ruaidhri is concerned about the new path Saints Row IV is taking, with its predecessors being loosely grounded in reality is this new iteration close to jumping the shark? (PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

Psychotica  +   633d ago
I am kind of surprised someone hasn't made a more serious game like Saints Row used to be. Seems wide open now that Saints Row has abandoned a serious style. I for one would buy it.
Mugen90  +   633d ago
I miss when the game were like that. SR2 had the perfect balance. When a game is serious and has some crazy things in there you'll appreciate it more. When the game is just crazy it gets boring real fast, example: SR3.

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