"PS4 Bites Back: Sharper Gaming Teeth Make Xbox One Look Like a Meek Media PC" says Stuff Magazine

Suff Magazine has revealed the front cover of its August 2013 issue, and guess what it has on it, Sony's next-gen Playstation console "PS4" with a tagline "PS4 Bites Back" and "Sharper Gaming Teeth Make Xbox One Look Like a Meek Media PC".

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SniperControl1505d ago

The juggernaut that is PS4, keeps on rolling!

Good to see that serious tech magazines are finally getting on Sony's side for this next gen.

zeee1505d ago

PS4 + Hot chick = WIN :)

YNWA961505d ago Show
SniperControl1505d ago

No chance, i'am married. lol

KillrateOmega1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Insulting people for appreciating a cool piece of tech and an attractive woman, then assuming that we have no life?

You sound like a very secure, pleasant individual who gets all the ladies.../s

N4Flamers1505d ago

"Someday you might make life"

I get to play god too? Awesome

G20WLY1505d ago

^ N4Flamers "I get to play god too? Awesome"

EXCLUSIVE PS4 feature, right there lol! ;P

OT: This is an incredibly bold magazine cover - reminds me of the Edge one from last week.

The media won't suffer MS antics anymore than us gamers...good job too. MS need to be hit in the pocket before they will change their ways and this is a strong message to them. Here's hoping it works and they buck their ideas up...

YNWA961505d ago

@ Sniper, yeah, under that hook too, but its a good life, I left out humour as well... people to serious about hardware and paintshop pictures of women, but married life is good... when the wife cannot think of what to get me anymore, I just leave gadget magazines laying around.... works! :)

@ Killrate, relax, it was a statement that asked for a response... take it easy.... I am sure Zeee was more interested in the polygons on the babe than the PS4... or at least I hope so!

MWong1505d ago


It's true haters are gonna hate.

Great cover, this isn't the last article like this we are going to see in the upcoming months.

insomnium21505d ago

I wish we get a whole new MS after this console nosedives (hopefully)completely. As they are MS is nothing but a parasite to this industry ever since x360 launched imo. They always give less than they take.

TheGrimReaper00111505d ago

To the hot chick:
"Do you come with the console?"

tawak1505d ago

He wants the cover to be a xbox1 controller and a macho man on steroids holding it. Turns him on :)

Army_of_Darkness1505d ago

So I'm very surprised that they put the PS4 on the front cover!! wow! Talk about a positive start for Sony!

MuhammadJA1505d ago

You're only seeing legs, how's she hot again?

Gekko361505d ago

replace with XBOX and half naked man and I'd be happy

gaelic_laoch1505d ago


It could be a bloke!!!

Ezz20131505d ago

*looking at the magazine cover*

hmmmmmm, Dat Sexy ........ Ps4

NatureOfLogic1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

So I'm the only one who thinks that the DS4 is actually more sexy than the chick holding it? :)

pixelsword1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

PS4 + Hot chick(wife) = Sex. Then gaming.

Then more sex.

XisThatKid1503d ago

@Gman0174, Ready for coincidence time? I have a Great GF and even better I DO indeed get to make life I "started" the day PS4 was revealed now the "life I made" comes out Nov 18th....hopefully by then I'll have my PS4 already as well.

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Septic1505d ago

Yeah but do you think the Xbox One looks like a 'Meek Media PC' in comparison?

I don't think that headline is justifiable at all. The X1, albeit weaker of the two consoles, still is an extremely capable machine. Yes its previous policies and mandatory Kinect left a lot to be desired, but what can the PS4 do that the X1 can't?

Or am I wrong?

1505d ago
Run_bare1505d ago

The PS4 can change the nature Xbox One, e.g. DRM, 24hrs online check in, etc.

Without PS4, XBOX One will still have the restriction today.

That is why PS4 is a Win for everyone, beside, they have the strongest specifications compare to X1.

Geezus1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

@septic your right but your on a sony dominated website so your "wrong"

MariaHelFutura1505d ago

"but what can the PS4 do that the X1 can't?"

Be better, smaller, cheaper, keeps playing w/o a camera, gives straight PR answers and never requires an internet connection.

Jdoki1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I think what they are getting at is that Sony have sent some clear messages, but MS have not and it's making them look meek and apologetic.

Sony have made their aims clear:
1. We have made a games console
2. We have the best 1st party devs in the world
3. We embrace all developers, and in particular Indie devs
4. We are the champion of all gamers, and will defend the hardcore

In comparison MS can't seem to send out a clear message. How many 'clarifications of clarifications' have we seen.

MS have made it unclear:
1. We think DRM is the future, except, umm, we can't give a reason why.
2. We have the cloud, that does ermmm, something to turbo charge games, but we promise it's great
3. We love Indie devs, really, honestly, just don't listen to the top indie devs saying the opposite
4. We say hardware specs don't matter, except when we say they do matter
5. We have loads of games and are expanding 1st party studios, but err, yeah, umm, Ryse anyone?
6. Halo TV show anyone? We have The Spielbergs
7. It's rocket science level stuff
8. Halo 5 anyone?
9. Kinect 2.... It does, stuff, and is going to be better supported than Kinect 1, honest, but we have no games to prove it because Ryse is now controller only.
10. We have a clear strategy of integrating with existing cable boxes, and providing innovative ways of watching TV, just err, don't ask what we're delivering outside of the US.

I have no doubt in terms of hardware that multiplats will look similar, but MS have done a really bad job convincing anyone that XBox is a serious brand for gamers.

Septic1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


Great response but then it isn't necessarily the console itself that's the problem, its MS itself and the way it's handling the situation.

'Meek Media PC' just doesn't seem to make sense at all. It's as if this article was written post X1 reveal but pre E3.

Btw, none of the replies have thus far explained why the description above is justified.

Jdoki1505d ago


I absolutely agree. The problem isn't the console, it's the message MS have given.

Nuts is a sensationalist magazine, so they are using an extreme comparison. It may not be fair, but when have we ever seen credible journalistic integrity in the industry!

morganfell1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


Where were you for the past 5 years? Half of this turn is brought on by MS themselves, is very recent. And Sonylistening to the devs and gamers brought the other half. Apparently you missed all the PS3 is teh doomed articles. So many that at one point every hottest article in the main stream at the top of the page was about Sony's imminent death.

It's called karma so you had better get used to it.

sentury1111505d ago

So, is there anything the PS4 can do that the X1 can't.

And don't list any exclusives. Seriously.

Picnic1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Explode stuff up in to lots more particles than ever before it appears. At least that's what Sony's demos, Knack included, were at pains to show. If the XboxOne is also capable of it they weren't concentrating on showing it.

Nicaragua1505d ago

You are right the problem is the way MS is handling the siutaion - but these are the guys you are entrusting your expensive entertainment to for the next 7 years and to be honest they are making themselves out to look like complete bell-ends.

The only trace of direction they have points to casual, their track record of providing games throughout a consoles life cycle is abysmal, and the management team has no idea what they are doing - this is the situation.


@ sentury111

MS have said nothing about being able to take over a friends console and play their game. That was one feature I thought was interesting from sony's part.

There are some features I have not heard MS talk about but I would assume the xb1 can do them like power off and resume a game from where you powered off (like a pause function I guess) etc...

being able to take over a friends controller and play their game remotely, not heard them mention that at all.

solar1505d ago

"but what can the PS4 do that the X1 can't?"

nothing. both are going to be nearly the same when it comes to multiplats, just like last gen, that sell more and gather more attention to consumers. exclusives, both will have their advantages over the other.