Time to prepare for another Jack-attack?

TotalGamerZone: "I was driving home just a few minutes ago while listening to B96.3, one of Chicago's hippity-hop radio stations. As the current song ended, the broadcaster came in to say a few words. He asked listeners what they thought about the recent school incident in Waycross, Georgia. He explained that 11 3rd graders (what is that, eight year-olds were talking about here?) plotted to kill their teacher for putting one of them in a timeout. Each student had a specific job, including one student to clean up the blood, one to bring handcuffs, etc. It was that detailed.

Now as I was listening to this, I was thinking 'Man, when is Jack Thompson going to get all over this?'"

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orange143730d ago

Hopefully this will spark a good discussion. :)

cloud3603730d ago

i hate him and t*/t2

its all a scam. he own and is a shareholder of t2/r*

he gives the game publicity

Gazman3730d ago

Is it just me or every picture you see you wacky jackie he looks likes a freaking loony.

orange143730d ago

Yeah, he looks nuts in every picture.

Yi-Long3729d ago

... they guy IS completely bonkers, so unless he fakes being sane, he will always look like a loony in a picture...

It's the power of photography(!) ;)

Dont really know why a raving idiot like Jack, who regularly makes a fool out of himself, and is constantly disrespecting still warm dead bodies to push his own agenda, is still getting all this attention, as if he's some kind of important person. He's not. he's just a nutter like that old woman down the street who talks to her cats, and says the end is nigh...

Just ignore the poor fool, and hope he gets hit buy a GTA playing busdriver...

Gazman3729d ago

Also can someone tell wacky jackie to stop smiling it creeps me out, he has the smile of a child predator. Just look at it, it scares me so

Fishy Fingers3729d ago

So this guy heard a broadcast, figured there was a chance that Mr Tompson might get involved?

This isn't news, it's just one guys ramblings.

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