Mass Effect Sovereign Reaper Statue Now Available

The Mass Effect videogame franchise has spawned some hugely popular merchandise, and it doesn’t look like it has any intentions of stopping. The latest addition to the range is a large scale Sovereign Reaper Statue, available to purchase from today with a price-tag that matches its size.

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Iltapalanyymi1989d ago

I wish i could get that but;

>399 britbong pounds.

warewolfSS1989d ago

This is exclusive to my shelf

Sam Fisher1989d ago

For the shit bioware did with me3, i ask for a refund if they given it to me for free.....

Hydralysk1989d ago

Remember back at the end of ME2 when individual Reapers were unique looking (well they all looked like starfish, but still). Thank god they ditched that in favor of just copy/pasting the Sovereign model.