Amazon pulls Xbox 360 Ride To Hell: Retribution following customer complaint

Amazon has removed the Xbox 360 version of Ride To Hell: Retribution from sale following a customer complaint.


Deep Silver has told that the issue is related to a consumer being sent the game on the incorrect format. We're still awaiting a response from Amazon.

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cl19831961d ago

Very misleading title.

JKelloggs1961d ago

What's with the disagrees? I was only asking a question, jeez.

alien6261960d ago

why are people even thinking of buying this game. never seen a game so awful this generation.

cl19831959d ago

Amazon also stopped the ps3 order page.

psyxon1961d ago

maybe if you're retarded.

JKelloggs1959d ago

Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't understand. Also don't understand what all these disagrees were all about, my fault for not knowing something I guess...

Saints941961d ago

Sounds like a great game! I'm going to buy it < nao :D

Narutone661961d ago

Is the game really that bad?
- "This would have been poor on the PS2 or Xbox 1," says another, "enemies pop in and out, during fight scenes half the punches don't hit. Save your money and poke your eyes out, you will probably have more fun."

- The game has been universally panned by the press, too, with a Metacritic score of 22.

- "Don't think about playing it. Don't think about thinking about playing it. Forget it exists, and continue your life as though it never did."

dennett3161961d ago

Watch the Giant Bomb Quick Look video if you want to know how bad it is. It's an hour and a half long, but it's worth it to see the awfulness of that game...especially the shoe-horned sex scenes that look absolutely ridiculous.

RavageX1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

This man speaks the truth. I had been wondering about the game since there was very little buzz about it.

That video answered a lot of questions for me. I honestly think that if you watch that video and think the game might be great there is something seriously wrong with your mind.

It could be fun to laugh at with friends, but for a serious, enjoyable way.

It really does look like a (bad)PS2 game. There has to be some sort of story of why it turned out like this.

Maybe the devs were harassed or held hostage and this is a cry for help?

I wonder who decided that this game was passable? Do they still have their job?

specialguest1960d ago

The sound quality is really bad, but worse than that is that the game is missing half of your standard sound effects you would normally hear on a typical game. Some example: When you're launching off of a ramp and go airborne landing on the ground, no sound effects. When you side swipe another motorcycle, no sound effects. When you slide on the side of your motorcycle against the ground, no sound effects.

redcar1211961d ago

another person trying to get money for free

ApolloTheBoss1961d ago

How else is he gonna get it? I mean you can't buy money, can you?

MikeyDucati11961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Do I understand this correctly? The game basically sucked and customers complained, forcing them to remove the game from their listings? But isn't that like complaining about how the actual Subway sandwich looks nothing like how it's advertised?

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The story is too old to be commented.