Paying to win? My Candy Crush Saga

GuitarGirl24 from PlusXP writes: "Its simple, it’s addictive, and it’s free… or is it? The creation of the app market has lead to an unprecedented amount of free to play, yet costly to win games. Though they are often free to download, many of these tempting offerings are slowly by surely ridding many gamers first of their patience and then of their hard earned cash. Out of all of the free to play games out there none seems to have as much of a presence as the famed Candy Crush Saga, and surprise surprise, this is my latest app addiction.

I admit freely that I have been stuck on level 65 for what now seems like an eternity. This sweet as sugar candy busting puzzle game has taken me on a winding journey through colourful candy lands, solving candy-blasting puzzles, exploding stubborn blocks of jelly and finding long lost ingredients. Like many successful IOS titles it is not a complicated game, in fact I doubt if one in ten players could tell you the storyline. It is however highly addictive and if you are not careful could end up costing you more than the price of your pick n’ mix."

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