The Health Benefits of Gaming

MWEB GameZone writer, James Wernich looks at the research that has been done recognising the Health Benefits of gaming.

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HanCilliers1961d ago

Agree with you, really good read. It is inspiring to read something positive about gaming. IMO the cognitive benefits of a game like StarCraft II to is tremendous, it surpasses chess and should therefore be taught in school, much as chess is.

plut0nash1961d ago

positive effect on cognitive function is something often underestimated. Naturally with excess things can go off the rails but hey - can't get too much of a good thing right?

Choc_Salties1961d ago

great,a drug-free method to improve cogniteve function? Count me in!

DesVader1961d ago

Its really nice to have an article about the good side of gaming. Too many people are still doing the sensationalist thing and making gaming out to be bad. Its simply not the case, there are many many positive elements.

PandaMcBearface1961d ago

Very good read. Gaming gets a bad rap quite often in the media, so it's nice to read about the good it does for you. It's interesting though because sometimes it comes across as though we are presented with the extremes of the gaming spectrum so that people think that's what it's always like. I agree with you James, everything in moderation!