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Andrew House: PlayStation 4 takes Sony back to its "original roots"

Despite all the hype and hoopla over next-generation consoles with their new features, Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House believes the PlayStation 4 is a return to a classic Sony. (Andrew House, PS4)
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Majin-vegeta  +   790d ago
Heck yea :D.

Blankolf  +   790d ago
Who's in the house?
Andrew House!
FamilyGuy  +   790d ago | Well said
Why is it that even though both MS and Sony are big corporations the leaders are so different?
Why do the Xbox bosses all look so greasy, money grubbing and fake? Sonys guys look like genuine businessmen, very proper, not slipping up and saying too much to make them look bad (anymore) as well as sounding sincere when they describe how their system and service is really catering to us gamers?

It can't be my "fan boy goggles", even Xbox fans were happy to see Don go.
G20WLY  +   790d ago
^FamilyGuy, you're spot on and this is really key.

MS need to address this. Regardless of company, some execs present themselves well publically, others don't. The difference in this regard between MS and Sony is astonishing!

Most large corporations have programs for emerging leaders which trains people early on how to control outside perceptions and get them inline with the message you wish to portray.

MS totally fail at this and (with the possible exception of Michael Denny...) Sony have it nailed, with all their guys coming over trustworthy and affable.

I think their public image helps to breed trust among gamers - and that's what will ultimately get PlayStation back to it's glory days, per article.
abzdine  +   790d ago
this is all i wanted to hear from Sony! so by doing this they're actually reducing the development costs because it's easy to develop for.
i cant wait to put my hands on this beauty!
zeee  +   790d ago
It will come down to Exclusives again. Both X1 and PS4 are x86 architecture and that means it will be easy to port games with minor adjustments. But where both the consoles will shine will be the exclusive department and if PS3 era is anything to go by, Sony's got the best chance of beating MS with their exclusives.

To be fair, some PS exclusives are crap but the majority is nice. On the other hand, some MS exclusives were great but majority are not up to the par. And no, I don't count TIMED DLC or exclusive games as exclusives at all.
miyamoto  +   790d ago
Sony"s number one priority is to the groth, health of the industry it made a huge contribution in making it a billion dollar industry it is now. It has a very great responsibility now to keep it progressive, productive, advancing, alive and kicking.
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j-blaze  +   790d ago
original roots? if that means going back to their original identity of being "Japanese" then i'm all for it, i'll be the happiest Sony fanboy once again ..if it's something like crappy ps3 this gen and how it's all focused on western games, then screw them
G20WLY  +   790d ago
Hopefully with the PS4 being developer-focussed we can expect more games from Japan.

There was a massive JRPG drought for a long time, but the recent success of Ni No Kuni was a promising step in the right direction - such a beautiful game! :)
gobluesamg  +   789d ago
Screw them? Screw you. You don't like western games then don't buy the console. PS3 was amazing!
ShaunCameron  +   789d ago
I wouldn't call the PS3 crappy. But agreed on the glaring lack of Japanese content. The non-RPG exclusive Japanese content, that is.
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TrevorPhillips  +   790d ago

Guys, I want to ask you all something, you know how Capcom were one of the best at making games during the PS1/2 era. Well, since now the PS4 is like the PS1/2 with the easy development and all. Is it possible that they could make a comback since now they can take off a year from the development cycle, less cash to spend and more money to make. Or does great games matter depending on the people working on the game and how skillful they are, etc?
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IRetrouk  +   790d ago
I think its a bit of both, you need to invest a decent amount of money into teams with a decent amount of talent, capcom could very well make a comeback, all they have to do is listen to the fans a bit more, and this goes for any other dev/publisher. Im looking forward to this next gen quite a bit, kinda feels like the ps2 launch to me, new ips mixed with old and some improvments made where needed, really i just want the fun to return to gaming, it lost a bit of spark to me this gen but sony seem to be really in tune with gamers like me who enjoy a mix of new and established ips covering a large selection of different game types.
TrevorPhillips  +   790d ago
Thank you so much for the reply, I appreciate it brother. Bubble for you and yeah I agree :)
IRetrouk  +   790d ago
Not a problem my friend, what else are forums for ;-)
Koyes  +   790d ago
I don't think Capcom will make a comeback. They are too set in their money-grabbing ways (bombardment of DLC)
Jdoki  +   790d ago
Capcom have lost their way a bit. They've focused too much on 'westernising' their games and monetising everything. It's all been focused on improving their profitability

A back to basics approach would do them good as I don't think they realise just how much love is out there for their older IP's.
Inception  +   790d ago
Yeah, i remembered that day...when gamers saying Capcom's name and they will automaticly experiencing an orgasm.

Tons of amazing games from Capcom on PS1/PS2/GC era. Megaman Legends, Breath of Fire III/IV/V, SF III, Onimusha 1-4, Dino Crisis 1-2, DMC, RE 1-4, God Hand, Maximo, Viewtiful Joe, etc. Every time i bought some VG magazines, Capcom games always dominated the highlight. It's like...Capcom is the 1st choice for every gamer who wants to play high quality games. And you can't go wrong with Capcom's on that era.

But speaking of talents...i don't know if Capcom on next-gen era can pull the glory days of Capcom in PS1/PS2 era. I mean, genius talents such as Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, Yoshiki Okamoto, and Keiji Inafune already left Capcom. Right now, the only good talent i knew is Yoshinori Ono who specialized in fighting games. So, i don't think Ono alone can make Capcom back to it's glory days...
zeee  +   790d ago
There is always hope. Always - all they need to do is pull their heads out of their asses and LISTEN to the fan feedback!

Look how Mortal Kombat was going. I was scared for the franchise especially after Midway went cold but then Ed Boon and the co. listened to the fan feedback and MK sold millions and was very well received.

Final Fantasy XIII and Resident Evil 6 on the other hand... you get the idea.
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nosferatuzodd  +   789d ago
indeed ppl are hating on knack but to me that game look fun, game are suppose to be fun I'm coming from work tired and depress you really think I want to play something realistic noo I'm trying to escape the real world say what you want about Nintendo but that's what they excel at giving you a fantasy land to calm you're nerve when you're out of it lot of these games are super photo realistic but I'm not seeing any fun no matter how good a game looks if its boring then count me out i wont waist my time playing it..

To answer the capcom mathematics Deep down looks like its a start to return them to the glory days..
maybe just maybe
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FamilyGuy  +   790d ago
Only if they release a Monster Hunter title on PS4.

This is their only redemption.
first1NFANTRY  +   790d ago
there's a question even Christ can't answer? now i've seen it all.
Polysix  +   790d ago
Capcom were once my favourite developer/pub. The old resident evils, resi 4 (gamecube - even the 'hd' PS3 version was still playable as hell compared to many modern games), dead rising ONE (360) which even with it's so called annoyances was an amazingly fun and atmospheric experience, esp so soon into last gen. They lost it after DR1 (pretty much around Lost planet 2/Resi 5 time)

I would love a return to form for Capcom - PROPER resident evils that are actually scary in the right way, tension, creepiness, atmosphere - not guns blazing crap!! I want a Resi Evil REBOOT in a fkin mansion but with insane atmopshere, graphics, gameplay and LESS 'action' style, something that sends chills down your spine and you can't sleep for thinking about it - on PS4. And my wife would love a Megaman Battle Network for 3DS.

Create those two games Capcom and you'll have respect again (at least in this house)
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Grindlefly  +   789d ago
i was on my phone and meant to click agree but accidently hit disagree, Sorry!
A res 1 reboot would be insane!!
Polysix  +   789d ago
as the TR reboot was to TR, RE reboot could be to RE. Make it so Capcom, containing it in a (massive) mansion means they could go to town on detailing, intricate and creepy puzzles, thought provoking gameplay and good old fashioned scares.

Can you imagine if they pushed the graphical envelope to make it almost photo realistic too? with weird little subtle horrors like strange faces reflected in mirrors or under the tiles, actually would take a more haunted aproach vs the virus zombies hence needing a reboot/re-imagining. Time to go proper supernatural instead of just monsters (as monsters leads to guns, leads to over-action resi 6 style!).

ok am raving on now, maybe I should just make it myself for oculus rift... hmmmmm
King-Prodigy-X  +   790d ago
Does this mean they will finally get off their ass and make a Jak & Daxter IV
Prcko  +   790d ago
we hope so :)
IRetrouk  +   790d ago
My very favoite platform games are the j&d series, would love to jump back into that world.
RiPPn  +   790d ago
And Dark Cloud 3!!
Salooh  +   790d ago
I would kill the one who disagreed !!!!!!!

Just kidding , but what's wrong with him xP ..
awesomeperson  +   790d ago
Did you happen to watch the "Grounded" documentary for The Last of Us?

Evan Wells commented one of the earliest ideas they had before conceiving The Last of Us was to go back to Jax & Daxter, because they think there "are some interesting stories still to be told". But he said they thought they couldn't do justice to the franchise, and would be shifting it too far in another direction.

Just found that little segment interesting.
nzbleach  +   790d ago
A fresh of breath air from Sony and the PS4 is born lol
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   789d ago
Fresh of breath air? LOL!
I had to read that like 4 times to make sure i wasn't dyslexic.
Akuma2K  +   790d ago
I would love to see a next gen Contra or Double Dragon on PS4, talk about good times those were the games back in the day indeed. But i reallly believe we might see alot of old school games make a comeback this next gen, thanks in part to the PS4 user friendly hardware.
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rustyspoon80  +   790d ago
There's a Double Dragon on PS3, DD:Neon.


Unless you mean a fully 3D version.
Akuma2K  +   789d ago
I wonder how could i have missed that....lol
rustyspoon80  +   789d ago
It was free on PS+ not too long ago also. Although I'm sure its still fairly cheap.
HG_69   790d ago | Spam
Jdoki  +   790d ago
There are certainly parallels between the energy the PS1 created and what we are seeing for the PS4.

Go back to E3 1995 and Sega announced the Saturn at $399. Sony walked out and announced the PS1 for $299 - boom, that was the beginning of the end for the Saturn.

Sony was also very developer focused when they launched the PS1. Mainly because they were the new kid in the industry and needed the support. They have definitely won over the indie developers with the PS4, and there seems to be universal praise for the PS4 specs and architecture.

What excites me most about the PS4 (and same with PS2) is that it's just a damn good gaming machine with tonnes of developer support. I don't really care about the frills - the touch screen on the DS4, the Share button, Trophies and TV/Music services - yeah they're nice - but knowing Naughty Dog, Team Ico, Polyphony, Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica and so on and on are going to be releasing more games, is what I can't wait for.
Spontogical  +   790d ago
As great as the PS3 was.. I feel like the PS4 IS what the PS3 should've been like - referring to developer friendly etc. But all rounds, I congratulate Sony on their efforts.

Keep it up. They understand the definition of value so well, it's not even funny anymore.
JAMurida  +   790d ago
No lets see it go even more back to it's roots and bring back the JRPG era. Seeing to how Sony owns the IPs of Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon and Rouge Galaxy, it would be nice...
Sam Fisher  +   790d ago
Just buy atlus, and ill buy anything you want me to buy, sony. I just want real jrpg to come back, not lightning, oh god one more iteration of that crap and ill personally bomb se head quarters
hellzsupernova  +   790d ago
There is a third on the way.

*stays well away from se*
El_Assenso  +   789d ago
Sam FIsher I'll join you on the noblest of crusades in annihilating Squeenix...
mrmarx  +   790d ago
this makes me want to shed a tear. *snifles* wipes snot

Related video
first1NFANTRY  +   790d ago
"And also, by shifting to disks, to give developers - and particularly smaller ones - the chance to take risks and build a business. I think you're seeing exactly those kinds of principles applied to PS4."

I agree deeply with that statement. M$ and alot people fail to understand that the indies of today have the potential to be the Naughty Dogs of tomorrow. This is how they all started.

The funds earned by TALENTED indie devs allows them to build a larger company and thus recruiting new talent. Eventually the larger studios will lose the old heads, paving the way for the new generation.

For this reason alone i intend to start buying and supporting indie devs...on the ps4 of course.
nosferatuzodd  +   789d ago
very well said,bubbles look at that game company their first game was Flo Sony saw something in them when no one else did now look at what they've created flower journey and so on
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El_Assenso  +   789d ago
Bubbles up for you my friend. Indie developers, is how nearly every game development studio started off, their success helped them grow and become the juggernauts of the industry aka Naughty Dog!

You look at the indie devs of Unfinished Swan, Flower, Journey, Mincecraft etc. They are so talented, treat them well, help them all you can as a platform holder and you will reap the rewards. Sony have understood this for a few years now, and really pushed indie games on their consoles. Kudos!
first1NFANTRY  +   789d ago
cheers guys i'm glad you share my sentiments.
tigertron  +   790d ago
Now all Sony needs to do is buy the rights to Crash Bandicoot and the cycle is complete.
hellzsupernova  +   790d ago
And spyro then take another shot at an all stars game :)
nosferatuzodd  +   789d ago
indeed lol
ala_767  +   790d ago
go sony go!!! we are with you to support!!
microgenius  +   790d ago
XabiDaChosenOne  +   789d ago
I'm telling you man something magical is happening at SCE HQ right now. The stars are aligning for the Playstation brand.
FightFans  +   789d ago
Back to its old glory, can't wait to get my hands on ps4
danthebios  +   789d ago
well done Sony :).In Sony we trust.
Gardenia  +   789d ago
Now if Square-Enix is going back to its roots as well then im totally happy
BlaqMagiq24  +   789d ago
And this is why I'll always support Sony. They don't forget their past and the people with it. I would love to revisit those feelings again on PS4.

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