The PlayStation 4 controller is fantastic - from someone who doesn't like the PS3 controller

Having used both next-generation controllers during E3, the Xbox One impressed me, but the PlayStation 4 completely reversed my negative opinion of the long-standing DualShock. It feels fantastic.

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IRetrouk1990d ago

Cant wait to hold it in my own hands, the reports seem mostly positive about the ds4, but i need to hold it myself because it does look and sound fantastic.

SeriousSam1990d ago

They finally made it big enough for someone who is older than 10 years old. I'm excited to hold onto it. The DS3 always felt too small in my hands, and my hands are very average in size.

yess1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I actually modified my DS3 with paper towels and tape on the handels to get a better grip, it really works well and no cramps lol

PurpHerbison1989d ago

The side by side comparisons show that the DS4 isn't that much larger at all.

crazysammy1989d ago


McGruber is that you?!?

WolfOfDarkness1989d ago

I never though I will be used to Wii U controller .... But by time , I got used to it , never felt confused , I guess that's going to be the same with PS4 controller .

WolfOfDarkness1990d ago

PS4 controller is incredible ! I heard its like having sex with a women :)

SeriousSam1990d ago

You need to get out more.

FlyingFoxy1989d ago

Get out more for what?, if you haven't noticed there are plenty of assholes around outside who like causing trouble for no reason.

Far safer inside, though it doesn't hurt to go out sometimes.

Snookies121989d ago

With a women? One multiple girl? Awesome!

WolfOfDarkness1989d ago

Come on Guys , I was kidding !

ThanatosDMC1989d ago

Nobody knows what "having sex with a woman" is... that's why you got all those disagrees.

"My right hand is stronger than my left hand." -Tryndamere

WolfOfDarkness1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I am sure that PS4 controller will be the best controller out there .

I didn't see any arcade stick until now from Sony ... No fighting games yet ?!

jacobie741990d ago

why sony never use the trigger button for shooters????

Hicken1990d ago

Because nobody pulls a trigger with their middle finger, and switching from R2 to R1 is inefficient. If you could design R1 to be a trigger, that'd be fine. But that'd make for an ugly controller.

I never understood the use of the triggers on Xbox for shooters, because the placement is all wrong.

Cmk01211990d ago

Have to disagree , it's part of reason shooters far more successful in sales on Xbox is the controller.

CRAIG6671989d ago

As far as unbiased gamers go(guys like me who own both consoles) I think you would have difficulty finding someone who genuinely believes the PS3 controller is better than the 360 controller,especially in the FPS genre...

stage881989d ago

Agree with Hicken.

L1 and R1 are much easier to use and more importantly far quicker than holding to hold a trigger down.

MestreRothN4G1989d ago


I own both and prefer the DS. It feels more precise, responsive, durable and "sturdy".

GameCents1989d ago

Are you high right now? Who the heck uses their middle fingers for gaming (except of course those who have a form of disability, no offense intended there)?

Switching from R1 to R2 with your index is NOT inefficient in the least bit.
I use my index on both R1/RB and R2/RT with the greatest of ease. Do you even have a playstation? I mean your rants suggest you worship everything playstation but do you actually own one? Have you ever had an actual controller of any kind in your hands? The nonsense you've spewed here today casts a very dark shadow of doubt on that.

That or you worship for sony is so strong that you don't mind abandoning sense and logic to defend their every decision. . .

NatureOfLogic1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@ CRAIG667, As someone who has never owned any Xbox console, Xbox 360 controller felt so weird to me. I got to play FPS games like BF3 on Xbox 360 and I felt like the controller wasn't as precise as my DS3. The main reason being the thumbsticks, seems way too stiff compared to DS3, so I had a hard time turning slightly like I do on PS3. Xbox 360 triggers do feel nice though compared to DS3 for shooters. I won't give my final thoughts on both controllers because I'm mostly use to DS controllers and haven't had much time with a 360 controller.

MysticStrummer1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"nobody pulls a trigger with their middle finger, and switching from R2 to R1 is inefficient. If you could design R1 to be a trigger, that'd be fine. But that'd make for an ugly controller.

I never understood the use of the triggers on Xbox for shooters, because the placement is all wrong."


I've never liked the feel of XBox controllers.

"part of reason shooters far more successful in sales on Xbox is the controller."

That's because people are easily fooled by marketing talk about ergonomics. The same thing is happening with cloud talk now.

maniacmayhem1989d ago


Huh? Middle finger, switching from R2 to R1 is inefficient? The placement of the triggers for the Xbox is all wrong?

What are you talking about, how can it be inefficient...there right next to each other! It takes less than half a second to go from R1 to R2.

I really have to agree with GameCents I think you are seriously reaching for any argument against Xbox no matter how insane and ridiculous it might be.

Hicken1989d ago

You really think using two fingers to switch between for four buttons is faster or more efficient than using four fingers on the same number of buttons? Are you seriously gonna try to argue that?

ufo8mycat1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Anyone who uses their middle finger for anything other then resting under the controller is not holding the controller properly.

360 triggers feel better, more natural for firing comapred to DS3's R1/L1

DS3's L1/R1 have a quicker response compared to the triggers on 360 or DS3

For the DS3 the L1/R1 are superior for shooters simply because the triggers on the DS3 are uncomfortable and awkward.

That has changed with the DS4.

The other great thing about the DS3/DS4 is the larger deadzone, allowing more precises aiming.

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jimbobbeers1990d ago

Didn't EA say that BF4 will definitely use the triggers instead? I reckon the majority of PS4 shooters will follow.

medman1990d ago

You're absolutely right jimbobbeers, and the creative director of the Killzone franchise also stated Killzone is making the move to the triggers for the DS4 as well. No doubt that will be the norm.

G20WLY1989d ago

^Medman, I'm sure I read recently that the Killzone guys are making Shadowfall control layout customisable.

So whichever you prefer, it's a win! :)

sAVAge_bEaST1989d ago

Confirmed, -BF4 will use triggers, L2/R2

G20WLY1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

^To my disagreer: click this link, read the article and hang your head in shame fella! lol

This is great news, I hope others offer this choice too.

darren_poolies1989d ago

That sucks tbh, I hate using triggers. I much prefer using R1 to shoot, it's one of the reasons I dislike the 360 pad so much.

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RGDubz1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Well first off it's the developers choice not SONYs, a lot of games do use L2/R2 to aim/shoot but you have to switch it in the options for most if it has the option, I always use L2/R2 for aim/shoot, L1/R1 is for scrubs & CoD children.

Who uses there middle finger? I use my index on both the top buttons/triggers with ease, the analog placement on the Xbox controller makes you feel handicapped when playing a FPS on the Xbox therefore handicapped people feel completely normal using it.

FPS games sell better on Xbox because FPS games sell best in North America and guess what system sells best in North America.. Exactly, not to mention Microsofts advertising tactics.

EA used to use the L2/R2 trigger back in MoH: Airborne by default, but as I've said above a lot if not most FPS games already give you the option in the controller settings.

jensen861989d ago

no i agree i like to use r1 for trigger because a trigger on a gun should b a clean brake not a long squeeze n i use r1 to shoot but my middle finger to lob a grenade jus so my fingers always on the trigger

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CaptainYesterday1990d ago

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it! I hope they come in different colors :)

stuna11989d ago

Maybe not initially, but I'm pretty sure down the line they will.

Baka-akaB1990d ago

As long as it's fantastic for someone who enjoyed the ps3 pad as well ....

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