Players and Deavors Episode 0- The Console War

In this first podcast, Dustin and Blake discuss the recently announced consoles. Players and Deavors is a podcast centered around the idea of analyzing games and games industry from both a perspective as a player, and an independent developer.

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GodGinrai1989d ago

yay console fight! *throws PS controller at xbox fan*

*points at PS fan* "it was him! He said your cloud suxxors!"

GodGinrai1989d ago

This pod cast is crap. Uninformed drivel. They waffle too much.

redwin1989d ago

Interesting, if someone says something good about Xbox they are demonized. As if you criticize something often enough I'll start believing it. Lol. I have choices either it's a good one or not and I'm not subject to the Jedi mind trick.

GodGinrai1988d ago

You just dont get it do you. I like X1. Go look at my previous post! lol ... I was talking about the pod cast.

Too much giggling...Too much misinformation..even when they were talking about the launches of older consoles...The PS1 was NOT more powreful than the N64 or dreamcast as stated in this podcast..I could go was simply an amateurish podcast.

I like hearing positive news about X1 , but I expect a podcast to be informative and interesting. This was not. Im am NOT critisizing X1 and am critisizing the quality of the podcast abnd they way in whjich the discussion was handled.

redwin1988d ago

I though that the dreamcast was more powerful than the N64 and the Ps1, and that's his point exactly, you don't need power to be better. You need games and I'm concern about that because Sony has a friendlier policy toward Indy games and Sony is mimicking the box in terms of hardware and software for programming . The one thing I think we can capitalize from and it's huge it's the cloud and the servers... Remember this, dreamcast was the first console that offered online gaming but did not have the games.

Katerpilet1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I'm sorry, I definitely did not mean to say the Dreamcast was a less powerful system than a N64 or PS1. After some research, I do see that the N64 was, on paper, more powerful in most areas, though by the end of its lifetime some PS1 games were looking better than N64 games (for whatever reasons), hence my confusion.

It's unfortunate that you did not enjoy our podcast, I do realize that our podcast was a bit unorganized, which we hope to resolve by the next episode. Thank you for listening though and providing feedback.

GodGinrai1987d ago

All good, Ill be listening out for the next one! Not gonna judge you guys based on ONE podcast. ;)