PS4 vs. Xbox One: Round 1 – System and Pricing

With the incoming releases of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year, there are many questions and rumors surrounding each console. Many fanboys will defend their brand of choice with honor, but in reality both the PS4 and Xbox One will help push the industry forward and make it even better than it is now. It will truly be an exciting year for gamers. Switch Input will help break it down for you starting with the system itself, the cost, and what you will get in the box.

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Muerte24941966d ago

My ps3 has not worked ever since 4.46 update. Everything was fine with 4.41 (4.45 not mandatory). People are reporting problems in America and Europe. Sony has yet to issue a response. If things continue this way, I'm going to cancel my PS4 reserve.


Insomnia_841966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I own the 60GB PS3 and I have never experienced any of those problems with updates. Am I the only one??? I got the YLOD once and when they sent it back I upgraded it with a 250GB HDD. That's the only problem I've had with the PS3. Almost 7 years now and it's on everyday for many hours, I clean it once a week and vacuum the air holes and all that and always updated.


PS4 will come victorious after that fight!! Will win the rounds on exclusive games, features, etc. XBone will tap-out in the second round...but PS4 won't stop choking it, WiiU trys to stop it but gets knocked-out in the process, us gamers ask to "FINISH HIM!" and PS4 will perform a deadly move called..."The Last Of You".

That's how I picture the fight lol

NpsXgamer1966d ago

Picture the fight with their 8====D up your ass. Both companies and the fanboy are being blinded to what's happening to video games as we knew it.

JokesOnYou1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

"Xbox One has 8GB DDR3 memory, while the PS4 has a newer, more advanced 8GB GDDR5.  Basically, Microsoft played it safe, while Sony took a gamble."

-Well he conveniently misses X1 has DDR3 with 32MB eSRAM...its custom, not off the shelf DDR3 ram.

"Xbox One memory performance improved for production console"

-Either way given the specs the final analysis will show a negligible difference in performance but I wonder what will be said IF X1 has a slight edge in bench tests? I mean E3 showed more X1 games running 1080p/60fps than ps4, then we've had alot of praise from devs about the cloud also, with even Ubi saying they pushed Watch Dogs further on the X1:
"It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One."

"Even so, Sony still has an advantage if you want the PS4 camera, as it is only $59.99"

-No, the original kinect sold for $150, kinect v2 is even better tech and offers alot more functionality with games and is intergrated in the UI, making the whole X1 package a better value. Kinect as a peripheral sold very well even at $150.

Kinect v2 alone for PC costs $400

"both consoles come with an HDMI cable, and one controller each"

-Again he conveniently overlooks that X1 comes with HDMI in while ps4 does not.

Hicken1965d ago

He leaves out a lot on the PS4 side, too, like the extra processor for downloading games while you play and caching gameplay for video uploading.

But I guess if you were to actually try and make things as detailed as possible on BOTH sides, the PS4 would still win, and you can't have that.

Aery1965d ago

This "article" is pretty terrible :

"slight edge goes to the PS4" ... slight ??!

"This is why Microsoft is banking on its cloud-computing will benefit their Xbox One" ... You trust in the clouds ?!

"Other than the RAM, both systems are pretty much neck-and-neck" ... so 18 CU against 12 CU aren't so important ...

JokesOnYou1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

"He leaves out a lot on the PS4 side, too, like the extra processor for downloading games while you play and caching gameplay for video uploading."

-Hicken what do you mean a extra processor? Link please? As for downloading and caching gameplay for video uploading, yeah that's great but also the X1 has these features too.

"This puts Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on level ground as far as sharing features are concerned. Sony announced in March that PlayStation 4 will have a “Share” button that will allow you to record and upload gameplay for others to view. Like Xbox One, PS4 will also allow for live-streaming, but via Ustream instead."

-Still waiting for this stuff you say he left out that the ps4 can do, that the X1 can't.

Hicken1964d ago

This was actually said at the reveal, Jokes, and has been mentioned multiple times since, which shows how little attention you pay.

http://musydownloads.blogsp... "... and dedicated custom chips for processing audio, video and background tasks." "The PS4 even has a secondary custom chip that is used for background processing such as downloading updates."

As for things left out, does the ability to take over someone's game have to be mentioned again? The way you talk, you already know the features of both systems well, so you should know what each can do that the other can't.

JokesOnYou1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

lol you mske it sound as if its something that is going to enhance the aduio experience, no its just how ps4 will manage audip, still not an upgrade over what X2 will deliver in regards to audio, hell I couldnt even find a ps site praising ps4 audio specs http://www.ps4playstation4.... unlike the HDMI example which is how a set top box, 360, pc's can use X1's new UI. This type of intergration that ps4 cant what Im saying.
Still every comparison chart shows no edge in audio performance in respect to audio at the end of the day they both deliver the same audio output.

"As for things left out, does the ability to take over someone's game have to be mentioned again?"

"The Xbox One will also feature the ability to Skype a friend to ask them for help on a game and then allow them to take over gameplay. The feature is designed to allow players to help one another get through sections of a game when they're stuck."

-lol yet you accuse me of not knowing what each console can and cant do, yet the best you could come up with is something about audio thats basicly delivers the same aduio output on both and a feature X1 already has. pffft....Still waiting for something you claim ps4 can do that the X1 cant.

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PSVita1966d ago

That'll show Sony!..... :/

1965d ago
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Software_Lover1965d ago

Meh, I'll get both. People actually act like you cant just enjoy games and not systems. I dont get it.

Man I cant wait to get my hands on the new Forza!! Did you see Spark, looks like fun......response...

You f'n loser only an idiot wants to play those games. WHAT?

Killzone looks like fun and did you see Driveclub.

B!tch killzone runs at 30fps. Only retards think it looks good.

Have fun people, what happened to that?

Game on.

mxrider21991964d ago

thats with the 4 gig ram dev kit they had and im sure they didnt have all the ram allowed due to if it had to run the os as well

mediate-this1964d ago

I totally agree with you, I been playing games since nes, and Im a huge gaming guy, im 27 and I truly believe games make me happy( as weird as that sounds lol) and I accept new consoles with open arms, I try to mediate between peoples fanatical ways but it gets ridiculous, I truly cant believe people harp each other out over plastic.

thee companies don't care about us, they care about their bottom line.

PositiveEmotions1965d ago

I dont mean to sound like a fanboy but on the ps4 the specs are slightly better

On the price range is also better

Software_Lover1965d ago

That spec sheet is so old. It hasn't even been updated since E3.

PositiveEmotions1965d ago

Its the latest specs bro there hasnt been an update since E3

awesomeperson1965d ago

@ PositiveEmotions

Software is right. For example we now know the PS4 storage, and required internet (apart from at signup) and used game fee has been changed for Xbox One. It is also innacurate as it doesn't acknowledge the Xbox One eSRam.

Therefore the sheet does not have the most current, up to date information.

1965d ago
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