Forza 5's audio revolution - lion roars, human screaming and dynamic scores

OXM UK: "Think Turn 10's a tad over-obsessed with how cars look? Just wait till you hear about Forza Motorsport 5's dynamic audio design, which recreates not just how cars sound but how they sound in a multitude of circumstances, even changing the score to suit."

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fr0sty1299d ago

In other words, "Who cares about delivering authentic engine sounds and making you hear what you'd actually hear on the track. Here's a lion roar mixed with a guy screaming with a little reverb and pitch shift added every time you hit the accelerator!".

Brought to you by Mountain Dew and Doritos.

The_Infected1298d ago

Idk what you're talking about because the game looks amazing.

fr0sty1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I'm talking about what he literally said. They go on and on about painstakingly recreating the perfect engine sounds, making them sound good in any environment, and then go on to say they achieve that by mixing in sounds of lions roaring and dudes screaming.

tw0qwk1298d ago Show
fr0sty1298d ago


I always love it when my intelligence gets insulted in the same sentence that someone misspells a word.

aaron58291298d ago

i play racing games/sims with music off... so...

Jakens1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

If it works, it works. Wish I had a lion's roar come with my actual car. I play games because they are games. If it enables emotion, let the developer use whatever he has.

Perhaps a game could help me escape reality like I pay for. The $60 I pay for a game goes to me escaping reality for a bit.

You know.