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Submitted by jbl316 878d ago | news

Ultimate Warrior Unleashes On WWE 2K14 Roster

The latest issue of WWE magazine has revealed that Ultimate Warrior will be in WWE 2K14. (PS3, WWE 2K14, Xbox 360)

DC1980  +   878d ago
lauren12saldivar   878d ago | Spam
Ezz2013  +   878d ago
give me Goldberg,Batista

and you can have my money
sarcastoid  +   878d ago
Bring on the next-gen tassels am I right!?
Chicago8506  +   878d ago
He was my personal favorite!
I'll never forget "the Ultimate Championship" between Warrior vs Hogan, title for title was absolutely EPIC!

Game on!
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   878d ago
If you saw that live like I DoD then you must be as old as me lol
Chicago8506  +   878d ago
Lol, nah I didn't c it live unfortunately, but I would like to say I'm as young as u :)

Game on bro.
DarkBlood  +   878d ago
thought it was going to be released for next gen?
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   878d ago
Bout time! My fav wrestler is back! Still not buying it tho lol.
mafiahajeri  +   878d ago
It's hilarious how wrestlers use to complain about ultimate warrior he was really rough when wrestling he would actually hurt them xD
DarkBlood  +   878d ago
i know its not real but was it not actually hurtfull in the old wrestling before it became 100% fake?
LtSkittles  +   878d ago
It's predetermined, but some of the bumps the wrestlers take more damage than was planned. Like for example CM Punk went for a diving elbow at WM 29, but injured his knee, because it hit the announcer's table too hard.
DarkBlood  +   878d ago
would that explaim the bleeding in the attitude era? like with undertaker fighting mankind in the cage match for example?
LtSkittles  +   878d ago
The blood, I'm not sure about, but some of the older guys used to use razors. I'm pretty sure that bump off the Hell in a Cell was only talked about between Taker, and Mankind.

Vince may have had told them to do it. If you have Netflix, and are in the US the documentaries about the superstars are really informative, and I know Mankind just had a DVD/Bluray released.
terrorofdeath  +   878d ago
Wrestling is not fake. It's only the outcomes/results that are booked. I want to see you get thrown off a ladder into a couple tables, on a concrete floor.

Related video
optimus  +   878d ago
@skittles... Actually, if you look at that hell in a cell match carefully you can see the square outline from the padding on mankind's back... Yes, the fights are predetermined but the wrestlers do rehearse them beforehand. And any dangerous moves have to be evaluated and approved by the safety team....

i remember working at a news station in boston some 13 yrs ago and we did a story on one of the shows that was taking place at what was then called the Fleet Center, anyhow they told us that our interview had to be set without showing the wrestling ring because you had wrestlers "practicing" their moves at the time... One side had Stephanie and some others going over how a particular tag team will be thrown into a dumpster... On the other end was chris benoit going over his lines for the pre-fight interview...and in the ring was chris jericho testing the ring ropes for his moves, which they told us he does this for all of his matches... We interviewed edge and Christian at the time....

As for ladders, tables, and chairs... The tables are cracked so they break down the middle, the chairs are loosened, and the ladders are lightweight aluminum... Yes they may sting and bruise but not cause the amount of damage they actually could if they were not "prepped".

...class dismissed.
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LtSkittles  +   878d ago
@Optimus thanks for the input, I haven't really looked at it
PositiveEmotions  +   878d ago
Uw was awesome all tho im not a fan of wrestling like back in the day i enjoyed him appearing on tv ages ago
No_Limit  +   878d ago
Hope they add a 'create an interview" function with this release. Man, those Ultimate Warrior interviews and promo were Way over the top and Way out there!
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optimus  +   878d ago
I'm surprised they would include him since he tried suing the wwe before for what i think was "defamation of character" when they released that ultimate warrior dvd portraying him as some loon... He remains as one of my all time favorites and i too remember that champion vs champion summerslam match against hogan (yes, i saw it live)... Sadly, they don't write stuff like that anymore... I didn't like it when they brought him back and rebranded him in order to sell some comic books...i think the gods stopped speaking to him at that point. ;p
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ColeTheTerminator  +   878d ago
I would take this with a grain of salt.
I mean, I would LOVE for the Ultimate Warrior to be in the roster, but doesn't anyone else find it funny that him being in the game isn't only obvious in this picture, but it's a SELLING POINT on the front cover?
I wouldn't get my hopes up...
ColeTheTerminator  +   878d ago
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ColeTheTerminator  +   878d ago
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