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GameTrailers: "Project X Zone successfully delivers on the fan service and flashy battles, but it falls short in the strategy department. It’s a fun game to play in small intervals, but it’s a lengthy proposition clocking it at around 40-50 hours to complete. It’s an improvement over the last crossover extravaganza, but this rather one-sided strategy RPG couldn’t succeed even without strength of its cast of video game icons."

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TongkatAli1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Should be higher, all those characters, iconic characters playable. No way a 6.9, calling bs on this score.

Kos-Mos1963d ago

They just envy the japanese, and how great they are to create characters in video-games. They understand the western developers lacks creativity, but it`s hard to admit it. Just like the japanese car companies dominating quality in the 70-80`s.
It`s hard to accept the truth for western people.

1962d ago
TheDivine1962d ago

It's a must have for Srpg fans, Japanese game fans, and really any gamer who loves the industry and Capcom/sega/Namco characters. It's got beautiful sprites, flashy frantic action, and intense gameplay.

On the other hand the story is utter shit, there's no strategy at all, its basically button mashing, and its far too repetitive. It's all the same setup, enter level, fight enemies, new characters show up, fight boss, jump through portal, intermission rinse and repeat. It's all just background to allow all these characters to interact and fight. It's great for fan service but I'd prefer a real effort in the story and maybe shops, counter attacks on the battle screen instead of you attacking the enemy who sits still and takes it, and maybe some more depth like different terrain and weapons exc. It's all very basic and not really even a strategy game, it has the layout of a Srpg but its not strategy in the least. More of a 2d fighter/enemy juggler with grid movement. I still got hooked by it and enjoy it plenty but its not anywhere near the level of Fire Emblem Awakening or Devil Survivor. I'd say its a maybe a 7/10 IMHO.