All-Stars Fans Begin #ReleaseDart Campaign and Have Over 800 Tweets

Earlier last week, Dart from the Legend of Dragoon, was leaked for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but unfortunately this content was cancelled. This was leaked by Mike Edwards on, who was an artist of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and below the picture, he told us that the character was cancelled. The shapeshift3r website is currently down as a result of this leak so this is most likely true.

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FortesqueUndead1334d ago

Dart deserves as much a spot in All-stars as any other! #ReleaseDart

Heisenburger1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Is that why every comment made by y'all has to do with this topic? All with that hashtag? *A quick look at y'alls comment history made that readily apparent.

It is absolutely transparent. I love Legend of Dragoon, but don't try and confabulate.

Don't bs a bs'er.

TheGOODKyle1334d ago

ya'lls? My head has exploded.

1334d ago
Inception1334d ago

Not just a spot in All Stars Battle, but The Legend of Dragoon deserve a sequel or a remake.

DivinePaladin1334d ago

Keep the support going, people!

Ryuhza1334d ago

Dart is at least as legendary as The Legend of Dragoon.


phantomexe1334d ago

Release dart and start makeing the legend of the dragoon 2

lukeb4dunk1334d ago

People have been asking for 2 forever now. Would love to see this happen.

Poshinco1334d ago

Dart deserves to be in this game, All Stars deserves more characters!
Help with the campaign, sign the petition release-dart-as-playstation-all -stars-dlc

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The story is too old to be commented.