Daily Reaction: The Dark Side of Free Games on PS4

Everybody loves free, but could an abundance of free titles have its drawbacks? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss how the sheer number of free PS4 games could change the market and make it hard for some developers.

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TrendyGamers1504d ago

Something, something, dark side.

MariaHelFutura1504d ago

The Good Side of Free Games on PS4 and PC. They're actually free.

Army_of_Darkness1504d ago

Micro-transactions. It's basically allowing you to cheat and beat the game easier if you can't handle the difficulty level.
So as long as it's still possible to complete a game without those micro-transactions, then I don't have a problem.

wishingW3L1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

F2P games have a beginning but not an ending. If they had an ending then the structure wouldn't work, that's why all F2P games are online only. They are either MMO's or Shooters with deathmatch and the usual stuff we all have seen thousands of times already. The only difference is that when you don't pay the game moves really slow for you like for example: an item that would take like a week to get with the free membership can be obtained in like a day for someone that is paying.

At the end those that pay always have a really big advantage over those that don't so the game is reduced to a glorified demo. Or do you really think they would give you awesome games for free? Of-course not! The real game starts when you pay and I learned that by playing DC Universe Online on PS3.

DragonKnight1504d ago

I was a paid subscriber to DCUO before it went F2P. Trust me, paying $15 a month didn't get you as much then as it does now. On the plus side, I did get the Green Lantern powers for free.

Why doesn't Marvel make a game like that? I want my own kickass Wolverine character.

pixelsword1504d ago

Because Marvel is owned by Disney now.

pixelsword1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Following comment deleted by Disney

DragonKnight1503d ago

Yeah, Disney is buying up everything. *sigh* that frickin' mouse needs to get caught in a trap or something.

inveni01503d ago

I don't care if it takes micro-transactions to beat a game. If you like it, support the developers. If you like a game, throw a little money their way. How else will they be able to keep making games you like?

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FamilyGuy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

relax lol

I'm loving the fact that there are free games out the box with the PS4. Gives me time to let my pockets relax soon after the console purchase. I do see it being a problem though as getting all these free games might cause us to buy games a lot less. In the article they speak of the PSN titles but I think it could also have an effect on retail titles as well.
If you've got 7+ games you've barely touched why go out and buy the newest block buster on day one? You could wait for a sale and still enjoy that game.

With a PS4 and a PS+ subscription you could go all of next gen without buying a single game. Sure you'd miss out on tons of great ones but if you were on a serious budget this ability provides a very unexpected option for console gaming.

hellzsupernova1503d ago

I have to agree. Panetside 2 is day one for me cannot wait! Plus warframe for some sweet sweet space ninja co op

FriedGoat1503d ago

I think we wont be getting "full retail" games on PS4. We already know driveclub is a cut down version, we'll all be getting glorified demos. Sony cant just hand out brand new free games, its bad business.

FamilyGuy1503d ago

It'll just take some time to get the full games but we will get them. Vita games didn't start hitting the IGC till something like 6 months into the Vita's life so I'm glad we're getting anything at all already.

It will happen though.

HammadTheBeast1504d ago

Tons of free games on PC it's doing fine...

Foolsjoker1504d ago

Apparently you missed the point of the article.

Heartnet1504d ago

No game is ever truly free... There is a reaosn why developers are chosing the free to play model over the £40 model.. cuz making it free gains them more money cuz people like to pay for the extras knowing other people dont have them and gives a lil ego boost ^^ why i do it :P

knifefight1504d ago

There are more hours' worth of free(ish) games on PS+ than I'll ever be able to play. At least considering that there are more being added by the week.

LOGICWINS1504d ago

Err..did you read the article? This is about PS Plus' impact on developers...not consumers. Your comment isn't relevant to the conversation.

iliimaster1504d ago

take it easy cowboy the war is over

jeffgoldwin1504d ago

The war on ignorance is neva over!

Freedomland1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


This article is about F2P games that will be available on PS4. Here logic fails.

dbjj120881504d ago

Never a dark side of Free.

Timesplitter141504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

god bless 'murrica

PositiveEmotions1504d ago

Hehehe it finally made it :)

TrendyGamers1504d ago

How are you down to 2 bubbles already? The reset to 5 was less than a month ago!

Dark_Overlord1504d ago

Cant remember the full name (it was COD summat), he lasted less than 24 hours before being back to 1 bubble XD

PositiveEmotions1504d ago

I guess no one likes me here

NeoTribe1503d ago

I say we rob his last one.

Supermax1504d ago

The model is sound in the free to play market that Sony is doing.planetside 2 warframe war thunder dlc universe all work with micro transactions in game people will tend to make in game purchases on the games they love.

Heartnet1504d ago

"dlc universe" haha made me chuckle...