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Daily Reaction: The Dark Side of Free Games on PS4

Everybody loves free, but could an abundance of free titles have its drawbacks? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss how the sheer number of free PS4 games could change the market and make it hard for some developers. (Next-Gen, PlayStation Network, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

TrendyGamers  +   754d ago | Funny
Something, something, dark side.
MariaHelFutura  +   754d ago
The Good Side of Free Games on PS4 and PC. They're actually free.
Army_of_Darkness  +   754d ago
we all know what it is...
Micro-transactions. It's basically allowing you to cheat and beat the game easier if you can't handle the difficulty level.
So as long as it's still possible to complete a game without those micro-transactions, then I don't have a problem.
wishingW3L  +   754d ago
F2P games have a beginning but not an ending. If they had an ending then the structure wouldn't work, that's why all F2P games are online only. They are either MMO's or Shooters with deathmatch and the usual stuff we all have seen thousands of times already. The only difference is that when you don't pay the game moves really slow for you like for example: an item that would take like a week to get with the free membership can be obtained in like a day for someone that is paying.

At the end those that pay always have a really big advantage over those that don't so the game is reduced to a glorified demo. Or do you really think they would give you awesome games for free? Of-course not! The real game starts when you pay and I learned that by playing DC Universe Online on PS3.
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DragonKnight  +   754d ago
I was a paid subscriber to DCUO before it went F2P. Trust me, paying $15 a month didn't get you as much then as it does now. On the plus side, I did get the Green Lantern powers for free.

Why doesn't Marvel make a game like that? I want my own kickass Wolverine character.
pixelsword  +   754d ago
Because Marvel is owned by Disney now.
pixelsword  +   753d ago
Following comment deleted by Disney
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DragonKnight  +   753d ago
Yeah, Disney is buying up everything. *sigh* that frickin' mouse needs to get caught in a trap or something.
inveni0  +   753d ago
I don't care if it takes micro-transactions to beat a game. If you like it, support the developers. If you like a game, throw a little money their way. How else will they be able to keep making games you like?
FamilyGuy  +   754d ago
relax lol


I'm loving the fact that there are free games out the box with the PS4. Gives me time to let my pockets relax soon after the console purchase. I do see it being a problem though as getting all these free games might cause us to buy games a lot less. In the article they speak of the PSN titles but I think it could also have an effect on retail titles as well.
If you've got 7+ games you've barely touched why go out and buy the newest block buster on day one? You could wait for a sale and still enjoy that game.

With a PS4 and a PS+ subscription you could go all of next gen without buying a single game. Sure you'd miss out on tons of great ones but if you were on a serious budget this ability provides a very unexpected option for console gaming.
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hellzsupernova  +   753d ago
I have to agree. Panetside 2 is day one for me cannot wait! Plus warframe for some sweet sweet space ninja co op
FriedGoat  +   753d ago
I think we wont be getting "full retail" games on PS4. We already know driveclub is a cut down version, we'll all be getting glorified demos. Sony cant just hand out brand new free games, its bad business.
FamilyGuy  +   753d ago
It'll just take some time to get the full games but we will get them. Vita games didn't start hitting the IGC till something like 6 months into the Vita's life so I'm glad we're getting anything at all already.

It will happen though.
HammadTheBeast  +   754d ago
Tons of free games on PC it's doing fine...
Foolsjoker  +   754d ago
Apparently you missed the point of the article.
Heartnet  +   753d ago
No game is ever truly free... There is a reaosn why developers are chosing the free to play model over the £40 model.. cuz making it free gains them more money cuz people like to pay for the extras knowing other people dont have them and gives a lil ego boost ^^ why i do it :P
knifefight  +   754d ago
There are more hours' worth of free(ish) games on PS+ than I'll ever be able to play. At least considering that there are more being added by the week.
LOGICWINS  +   754d ago
Err..did you read the article? This is about PS Plus' impact on developers...not consumers. Your comment isn't relevant to the conversation.
iliimaster  +   754d ago
take it easy cowboy the war is over
jeffgoldwin  +   754d ago
The war on ignorance is neva over!
Freedomland  +   753d ago

This article is about F2P games that will be available on PS4. Here logic fails.
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dbjj12088  +   754d ago
Never a dark side of Free.
Timesplitter14  +   754d ago
god bless 'murrica

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PositiveEmotions  +   754d ago
Hehehe it finally made it :)
TrendyGamers  +   754d ago
How are you down to 2 bubbles already? The reset to 5 was less than a month ago!
Dark_Overlord  +   754d ago
Cant remember the full name (it was COD summat), he lasted less than 24 hours before being back to 1 bubble XD
PositiveEmotions  +   754d ago
I guess no one likes me here
NeoTribe  +   753d ago
I say we rob his last one.
Supermax  +   754d ago
The model is sound in the free to play market that Sony is doing.planetside 2 warframe war thunder dlc universe all work with micro transactions in game people will tend to make in game purchases on the games they love.
Heartnet  +   753d ago
"dlc universe" haha made me chuckle...
Angeljuice  +   754d ago
I think if the games are good enough, people will be willing to pay full price for them. Its nice that you can play something even if you're strapped for cash, and I can't see many people refusing to buy Killzone because Warframe is free.
Most mobile games are poor value even if they cost nothing. /Jk(kind of).
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Heartnet  +   753d ago
except there 2 completely different games in completely differnet genres so yes there might be a reason to not buy killzone cuz warframe is gonna be a huge sinkhole in ur wallet when u realise that al the cool stuff can be bought :P
squallcloud9  +   754d ago
I don't agree that ps releasing so many free games is going to stop gamers from buying games. I bought the last of us at full price - the more expensive digital version at that, and I'm a member of ps plus with a ton of free and discounted games sitting on my hdd. And I got xcom: enemy unknown for free and loved the game so much that I bought two pieces of dlc to support the developers and to show my appreciation. I even told my friends about the game and one of them went out to buy the disc version. My point is that if a game is good enough then people will buy it if the only way to get it is to pay for it. And if most gamers are collectors like me then good games will always sell.
pkb79  +   754d ago
So is there no darkside to free games on PC? Would that not be a fairer comparison then comparing the mobile game market to the console game market?

The free games on PS+ are great but the discounts are unbelievable. $5 for SotC? $20 for the new tomb raider?

I enjoy the free games on the Vita to but as they are only $30 - $40 on release I'm more likely to buy them then wait.
Conversely with the PS3 I'm still waiting to see Bioshock Infinte to go one sale.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   754d ago
Funny,.. M$, supposedly came up with the DRM Scheme with EA..
now EA put BF3 on the ps+ for-FREE. , must be an upside.. like people purchasing DL content.. and filling up the servers.
N311V  +   754d ago
It might be because people are more likely to play a sequel if they played the original. I might be who they're targeting by putting BF3 on PS+, I'm a core gamer but I've never played a BF game (oxymoron I know, haven't played COD either), I will try BF3 now I'm getting through PS+, if I like it there's a very good chance I'll buy BF4 on release day.
Funnymonkey013  +   754d ago
I think it's good that free to play games r being made cause then it forces developers to make a complete full experience that aren half ass made games with freaking bunch of dlcs really very few games I played this gen that has full experience I really enjoyed.
bednet  +   754d ago
I usually don't get F2P games because they usually suck if not paying, with some exceptions such as League of Legends.

And I am also guilty of waiting for sales on steam, I only buy certain games on day 1...is that wrong?

I also buy used games (usually from friends not stores).

Because I usually pay less than 30$ for my games, I now have a hard time justifying a 60$ game...In the end I may not be playing the latest and greatest, but I have a ton of games (a fair amount that I haven't got to yet...like Saints Row 3 for 6$).
ala_767  +   754d ago
Everything has a bright and a dark side... Nothing to worry about... U need to take some risks for it..... THIS IS BUISNESS
sycnation  +   754d ago
the trophy chump in me has to ask
anyone know.if f2p gets trophies or is it like dust415
or u basically pay for them like free realms?

#greatness awaits

old school #LongLivePlay
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cleft5  +   754d ago
You get a game free, yet you look for reasons to complain about it? Get real please. It's one thing if you are given an out of date crap game for free, but when you are getting X-Com, Saints Row 3, Sleeping Dogs, etc for free you shut up and be thankful.
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_FantasmA_  +   753d ago
Dark Side, Free, and PlayStation should never, ever be in the same sentence, let alone the same thought in your sick and twisted, little, head. The game industry has been dying forever, and forever dying.
Soldierone  +   753d ago
If its like DC Universe, I don't mind. However when a game is listed as "free" I can't help but cringe and want to go elsewhere thanks to facebook and mobile games.....
JUDALATION  +   753d ago
With FREE TO PLAY you have to pay for weapons and other bonuses if you want to do well. Other devs have been overcharging for their games for the longest time. Maybe now with PSN and Steam these Devs will come up with more competitive game worthy of their pricetag or lower their price. Minecraft proves that good games will make money one way or the other!
pixelsword  +   753d ago
Free games, bad;

DRM, Snooping cams, and pay to play, good?

am I the only one who sees the craziness of some of the comments in the gaming media?

If a game is free, it doesn't take away from a game that pays unless it's so close that it won't matter. Dust 514 is similar to a lot of FPS games, but it doesn't kill the sales of CoD or Killzone.
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ddurand1  +   753d ago
does planetside 2 and other f2p games have an unlock price that unlocks the entire game?

or is the whole game based on these small purchases?

i dont own anything powerful enough to open it up and try, just a for work laptop im not trying to game on.

link wouldnt open on my phoen, sorry
TheOneEyedHound  +   753d ago
Disney is joining the console war someday just watch.

Buy'N Large is your super store
we've got all you need
and so much more!

Happiness is what we sell
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Underworld  +   753d ago
I think the value of PS+ is great, and I signed up a few months ago. But I've asked this question before, but didn't really get an answer. Wouldn't developers lose out on future sales by having their game free on PS+? Wouldn't it stop people from buying a game, if they're getting it free?

I was planning on buying Hitman and Battlefield 3, but now that I got them free, there's no point anymore. So they lost a sale. Same with Outlast. I was planning on buying that, but now it's going to be free with PS+, what's the point?

Not trying to be negative about PS+, just genuinely interested in an answer.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   753d ago
Over time all these games stop selling as fast as they once did. However, giving it away for free will boost the sales of DLC for the game. DLC is cheaper to produce and nets more profit, so it's worth losing money giving you the game.

The PS3 sold for $600 in the beginning causing Sony to lose over $300 per console, but worth it BC accessories and games would make up the lost income. The PS3 did make a profit eventually and has outsold 360 globally.
Underworld  +   752d ago
Surely Battlefield 3 and Hitman would still be selling. Not as much, but still. And there's no guarantee that people will buy the dlc. I don't plan on buying any dlc for either, and I'm sure many others wouldn't either. And what about the games that don't really have dlc? Outlast won't be old when it releases on PS4. Won't it lose out?

Would Sony be required to pay developers when putting their game up for free?
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   752d ago
I think I'm in the majority that will buy DLC for the games I enjoy playing. Obviously not everyone will pay for DLC, but a game like.gov means it's your lose BC most players have more maps and accessories. But enjoy it for what it is for you I guess
plsburydoughboy  +   753d ago
As these guys point out, it devalues the games, and by implication, the console.
Gamasutra actually had an earlier feature pointing out that devs in fact do not get any money for having their games bundled into Playstation Plus.
ddurand1  +   753d ago
so dlc $ doenst go to developers now?

bf3 included in ps+ possibly wont lead to more bf4 sales?
plsburydoughboy  +   752d ago
This is, in fact, partly the idea behind developers allowing their games to enter the Playstation Plus program. The idea is word of mouth will help get attention, but look at the dilemma there: everyone who signs up for Playstation Plus and gets a game that way has taken a sale from said developer and given it to Sony.

DLC is a possibility, future sales is a possibility. Neither takes away from the reality that Sony is pocketing those sales.
mydyingparadiselost  +   753d ago
Nothing is free.

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