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Sony Cancels $35 Beyond Two Souls Bargain Preorders

A few weeks back, Sony's own online store was offering insanely cheap preorders for upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond Two Souls. It seemed to everyone like the deal was too good to be true. It was! (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3, Sony)

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badboy776  +   570d ago
The Bigger Question is do you all think that should honor the error?
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zeal0us  +   570d ago
Overall I think the reaction to this will be mixed.

But its better they gave you a $5 credit towards repurchasing it. Most people would've just hit "Sorry theres was a error in the system" without giving you nothing. On the other hand some places would've honor the error.
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MikeMyers  +   570d ago
People on here should react the same way if Amazon, Steam or better yet if this was the Xbox 360 that made this error. That way you know the community is sound and fair and unbiased.

The right thing to do would be to correct the mistake and honor those who paid for the pre-order price.
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kreate  +   570d ago
Amazon doesn't honor their mistakes.
They say 'due to technical error'.
Gamestop also doesn't honor mistakes.

If they do, its extremely ymmv.

Edit: only difference is, when other retailers makes pricing mistakes, it doesn't make it to n4g. Cuz stuff like this happens on a weekly basis.
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jimmywolf  +   570d ago
i dont think they should honor it, it a 60 dollar game on amazon right now, it going be a blockbuster guarantee seller, those that got it at that price were just going profit from it, from beating it an trading it in or just selling it for $50-55. am sure Sony added up the lose versus honoring it an said was not worth it
coolasj  +   570d ago
I always think there are 3 ways to go about this.

Call attention to it and mail your customer and say sorry and give you a little something as an apology.

Suck it up and honor the mistake.

Don't do anything and say screw you.

The first 2 are better than the last 1.
FamilyGuy  +   569d ago
Odd it took them this long to notice/do something about it.
CrossingEden  +   570d ago
now let's defend this as something good right guys? because sony could never reverse anything without good intentions, in all seriousness this kinda sucks
kewlkat007  +   570d ago
I Think they made the right move.
papashango  +   570d ago
ya Sony totally made the best decision here. All the other multi billion dollar corporations clearly don't have the consumers best interest in mind when they honor their screw ups.

Go Sony!
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nick309  +   570d ago
They should give what they promised, price wise, no one cares if it's an error, but if ms did it, all the sony fanboys wouldve made a mess of it all over the net.
NihonjinChick  +   570d ago
If it was an error, they never promised it. Microsoft would have never given in store credit as an apology.
N8  +   570d ago
That does suck. I know Sony is god right now but let's be serious here...
booni3  +   570d ago
This is a hot mess.
smokeyjoekenobi  +   570d ago
I think $5 is better than nothing, but I wouldn't call it "the right move" after all most other retailers honour their pricing screw-ups. Whatever the case I won't be kneeling at Sony's altar for this, or giving Kaz a hand-job.
NihonjinChick  +   570d ago
Actually, most retailers wouldn't have given you anything. They would just cancel the pre-orders, fix the price, and leave it at that.
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smokeyjoekenobi  +   570d ago
Okay you disagree with retailers honouring pricing screw-ups, lets say you're right did Sony therefore, by extension make the right move?

and just so we're on the right page, what are your thoughts on the kneeling and hand-jobs?
nukeitall  +   570d ago
Not the retailers/etailers I shop at. All of them tend to honor price mistakes. In fact, it is rare for them not to.

The only exception seems to be Toys R'us. Sometimes they honor it, probably because they are incompetent and sometimes they just give me a $5 gift card.
badboy776  +   570d ago
Is the $5 they gave us only used for games???
TheLastWriter  +   569d ago
I cancelled another preorder at 49.99 that wouldn't have had any tax on it to take this deal. The $5 credit won't even cover the tax on the game so it's like getting nothing. After this I won't be buying the game new anymore.
LightningMokey  +   569d ago
"The price is WRONG, Bitch!" - Happy

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