The Xbox One Reputation System Quarantine: Will It Work?

In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager Mike Lavin has stated that the Xbox One will feature a reputation system that will group badly behaved players together in multiplayer lobbies. The question is: will this system work?

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brandonw001962d ago

I hope it works. But at the same time I could see a lot of people being assholes and giving negative player reviews for now reason.

zeal0us1962d ago

Sadly the system isn't perfect. Hopefully this system can also group the quitters together too. Nothing like when you're winning a match and your opponent rage quits or "magically disconnects"

Dr Pepper1962d ago

What they need to address is a player receiving negative reviews for simply being better at the game. It's happened to me, and I'm rarely using online MP these days, so I've got assume it's even more prevalent the more you play over Live.

I'm not sure how they would address it. Perhaps a player has to submit one of those replay videos that both the X1 and PS4 can do now as evidence of your complaint? That could lead to swifter action on actual bad players. That would be a hell of a lot of videos to review though. Maybe they would only review them if there was a "negative review challenge" system in place. I don't know, just throwing out ideas here.

Speed-Racer1962d ago

Sounds like a good idea but of course people may intentionally rate others negatively out of spite, I mean, look what happens here on N4G.

Bowzabub1962d ago

As with anything with good intentions, it will get exploited. Sad but true.

EPiCDiNGO1961d ago

The system will be broken. My little brother is 12 and he kept asking to play so I let him play on my console but not on my account so I made him a 1 month trial and never let him use a microphone or talk to anyone. But when I looked at his feedback after a few weeks playing he had something like 20% trash talk and 10% aggressive. It seems people just leave bad feedback for anything now.

bohangirl841961d ago

Yeah, I truly hope they stay on top of the it to prevent things like that from happening.

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