Wii U’s GamePad Should Be Optional

GenGAME writes: For a big part of Nintendo’s audience, the GamePad is not a revolution, but if they want Wii U they still have to shell out the extra cash for a “great value” that they’re not really interested in. Of course, there’s plenty of gamers who love what the GamePad brings to the table, and it would be a shame to sacrifice that for the sake of price. As such, I believe Nintendo should launch (and in fact should have started with) a new model for Wii U where the GamePad is optional.

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Phil321994d ago

That is absolutely a stupid idea. Not saying the person who wrote it is stupid. I mean the idea is stupid.

Yeah, make something expensive optional so it won't get any support at all. Make something that makes the Wii U original from the competition and make it optional. No, no, no...

BullyMangler1994d ago

The game-pad is just another option in my compartment, just like a Rocket Launcher is optionaL alongside my pistoL.

1994d ago
diepdiep1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"the average consumer just doesn’t seem to get the GamePad."

Neither does the writer.

Triforce0791994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Your right you can use a pro for most games but in online mp i find GAMEPAD the best controller,the sound quality is amazing,dual rumble,video chat,voice chat,and games look amazing being streamed to multi screens wow,i love the feel of the GAMEPAD also much sturdier than ps4 or pro controllers,also cleaning up the action on tv screen HUD on GAMEPAD.

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